How to use Danish Postcodes when sending from UK

Postal codes in Denmark have four digits, except for five special purpose 3-digit codes. Like most post codes outside the UK they cover whole districts of a city or the whole of a small town.

For senders using the Danish Postal Service the street name is written before the street number and the post code is written before the city or town.

For example the British Embassy address is:

Kastelsvej 36-40,
2100 København,

You may also see postcodes written as: DK-9000.

However when you are booking your parcel delivery with Pharos Parcel's carriers the 3 or 4 digits MUST be written in the post code field without any letters - even if that looks a bit different to the code you've been given.

The reason is that courier and international post companies use this code to calculate the route and delivery time accurately. Place names are written differently depending on the language and keyboard type of the sender so it's not reliable enough for a computer to base a calculation on.


How Parcel Post and Goods are Transported Around the Danish Islands

Denmark is made up of more than 200 Island, even Copenhagen (København), the capital city, is on the island of Zealand.

The main islands are now well connected to Jutland, the mainland, by bridges and there are even bridges to Sweden and Germany, but there are still many smaller islands that can only be reached by ferry and this has an impact on both the cost of delivering parcels and post, and the time it takes to reach it's destination. 


Public Holidays in Denmark 2016 & 2017

24 Dec Sat Christmas Eve
25 Dec Sun Christmas Day
26 Dec Mon 2nd Day of Christmas
1 Jan Sun New Year's Day
13 Apr Thu Maundy Thursday
14 Apr Fri Good Friday
16 Apr Sun Easter Sunday
17 Apr Mon Easter Monday
12 May Fri Prayer Day
25 May Thu Ascension Day
4 Jun Sun Whit Sunday
5 Jun Mon Whit Monday & Constitution Day
24 Dec Sun Christmas Eve
25 Dec Mon Christmas Day
26 Dec Tue 2nd Day of Christmas

Public holidays can also make your parcel delivery take a little longer so do check this list before booking if your consignment is time sensitive. 

Danes often spend much of the summer at their beach houses, which can be very difficult for courier drivers to find, so if you're sending something that needs to arrive quickly an extra line in the address describing the beach house street can really help!