Up until now we have been able to help thousands safely send their belongings to locations around the world.  We have been receiving an increasing number of requests about shipping back to the UK.  You asked, we answered.

We can now ship goods from the EU back to the UK.  At a later date we hope to offer the service from further afield.

We have carefully selected DHL as the courier as they offer the best rates for our customers and have an excellent success rate.

The process is exactly the same as if you were booking a parcel from the UK.

There is now nothing stopping you from buying yourself those extra treats or that special dress while away or sending back the amazing biscuits you discovered and can't get enough of. 

If it doesn't fit in your suitcase, get it in a box and book online with us. 

The courier can collect from your hotel and it costs less than extra baggage on the plane. 

If you are a business regularly importing goods into Britain you will find our rates very competitive and our customer account allows you to book mutliple parcels quickly.

Bookings are still paid in pounds Sterling and subject to UK VAT at 20% if you are sending from the EU.