So Summer has arrived and it's time to stop studying and travel home to your family. 

You now have to work out how to get all your stuff home to The Netherlands.

Those heavy text books, the clothes and those ticket stubs and notebooks that hold your memories of your student years - all have to make their way over the North Sea.

But that doesn't have to be as difficult as you might think!

Here's the easy way to do it:

  1. Pack everything in strong cardboard boxes - don't make them too heavy to carry though!
  2. Book a Parcel Delivery - you can have your parcels collected or drop them off at a Drop Off point, which ever fits into your travel plans best.
  3. Travel home with very little baggage, saving you stress and back strain.
  4. Your parcels will arrive home about the same time as you do. 

A 25kg parcel only costs about £23 (depending on the size of your boxes) so it's cheaper than that extra bag on the plane.

And when you're ready to come back for the Autumn term? Just do the same thing again - with Pharos you can send parcels from The Netherlands to Britain too.

When you choose Pharos Parcel, your delivery will be collected and delivered by a major global carrier. So whether you need a delivery to Netherlands or an international courier service, your valued business will be in safe hands.