Job Relocation

Relocating for work can be very stressful and expensive. Trying to plan, pack and transport your things safely and securely can prove to be a real challenge.  


Pharos Parcel offers customers access to wide range international shipping options with 3 of the worlds top courier companies UPS, DPD and DHL. On a tight budget and need cheap international shipping? In a rush and need an express service? Or need a bit of both? We’ve got it covered! You might even be surprised at how quick and cheap our service can be - certainly when compared to alternatives such as removals companies & check-on luggage.


If you’re planning the relocation for yourself, making arrangements for an employee or family member or a company offering relocation packages, then look no further. Get in touch today and find for yourself why our customers love our service.


Most people who’ve found themselves needing to relocate will likely have already paid for an agent to arrange accommodation, travel expenses and not to forget the cost for foreign currency exchange. Now comes the time to look at your transportation options for sending your belongings. All options available fall into 2 categories.

Option 1: By Air

Option 2: By Road


Your circumstances and what you need to send will decide with option is best for you. If you’re unsure, ask! We love to help...

We’ve been sending parcels for customers for well over 10 years, this has elevated us to a preferred status with our chosen couriers. This comes with many benefits to our customers including:


  • Enhanced customer service
  • Cheap prices for sending parcels
  • Access to priority help-desks with UPS, DPD & DHL

We can also advise you and provide enhanced contents cover, for that added peace of mind, especially helpful for those more precious items.