Find your nearest drop off points 

DPD shop finder | UPS Drop off Point

All our service partners offer the alternative of picking up and dropping off your parcels at their collection points as long as each parcel does not weight more than 20kg and is not bigger than 80cm on any side.

Most of them are open late and are local convenience stores.

Make sure when collecting a parcel you have two forms of ID. You need a photo ID, either a driving licence or passport and a utility bill with your address on to prove your identity.

Time is precious and not many of us have the time to wait in all day to have a parcel collected or delivered.

DPD have a great service called predict and if you provide a mobile telephone number and or email you should get a text or email telling you roughly what time the driver will arrive to collect your parcel. Please note this is applies for parcels booked on our website the day before collection. If you are booking and have a collection on the same day they don't provide this service and your collection will take place between 9 am and 5.30pm.

With UPS they will collect anytime between 9am and 5.30pm or 6pm in London. They do not give a collection time and unfortunately we are not able to contact the driver direct.

Sometimes drivers get caught in traffic or run out of time to make all of their collections especially during busy times. It is a very rare occurance but do contact us if this happens and we will phone the carrier on your behalf and arrange another collection for the next day. We understand your frustration especially if you have taken a day off work especially. It is important that your doorbell works and that you have put your name on the door so the driver when calling at a block of flats knows which buzzer to press. 

The common misconception is that because you have provided us with a contact telephone number the driver will call just before he arrives at your property. This is not practical. Your average driver has around 150 collections to make usually in one afternoon, and simply does not have the time to take out his mobile and phone each and every customer to ensure you are at home.

The courier industry is getting bigger and bigger and it is getting harder and harder for the carriers to fulfil the demands we make of them.

However there is an alternative. To help out the carriers have spent a lot of time and have introduced collection and drop off points for parcels so you can collect or drop in your parcel at your convenience. 

Do Get A Receipt

When dropping off a parcel we always recommend you make sure you get a receipt. With DPD you should get a scanned credit card sized receipt, with UPS the shop keeper should give you a UPS receipt with your tracking number on. 

Finally if you do decide to drop off your parcel please send us a quick email so we can cancel your collection and save the overworked driver a journey.