Maybe you want to send a bottle of wine to your friend as a gift, or perhaps you’ve just discovered an incredible Beaujolais, whilst on holiday in France? You must send some home! Using a parcel delivery service to send your wine will likely be your best option...


5 Top Tips for Sending a Bottle of Wine (+1 bonus tip)

  1. Internal Protection - use a plastic sleeve or bubble-wrap around the outside of the bottle. This helps to protect the bottle from smashing if your parcel is dropped or bashed in transit. Cardboard box dividers add stability and extra protection for your precious wine.
  2. External Packaging - we always recommend using a bottle box for sending wine if this is not an option, make sure to use a new double-walled cardboard box with plenty of padding around every side. The bottle should be tightly packed inside the box and not rattle or touch the sides when moved or shaken.
  3. Check the rules of your destination - certain countries such as Saudi Arabia or the UAE, prohibit the import of alcohol, and you could be breaking the law by sending bottles of wine to these countries. Always check the rules and laws before booking your parcel delivery.
  4. Choose the Right Service - most UK & International couriers class alcohol as dangerous goods. Always check that your chosen courier will allow you to post wine and that your parcel meets any special requirements they may have.
  5. Make sure an adult will be available to sign for the package - the legal age can differ depending on the destination you’re sending to
  6. Bonus Tip: No matter how tempting it may be to have a little taste - or even half the bottle. Only send fully sealed bottles which are unopened. - Yes, that’s right! No tasting allowed... 


How to use a courier service to send bottles of wine

So, you need to send some wine? Perhaps somewhere in the United Kingdom or even to somewhere abroad. If delivering it yourself isn’t an option then using a parcel delivery company is your best option to make sure your wine gets delivered quickly, safely and not empty. With that being said, who wouldn't want to travel the world with a bottle of wine?

Given the fragile nature of glass bottles and quite often the high price-tags wine can fetch, it’s important to know a few things before you decide to stick your precious wine into a box and ship it off somewhere in the world. Make sure to read each section of our helpful guide before you book your delivery.

Once you’ve read each section, you can easily send your wine in 3 simple steps:

  1. Get an instant quote and compare prices from the worlds best parcel delivery companies. 
  2. Pick the best option for your needs, you can choose to have your parcel collected on a date that suits you or you can drop it off at a local drop-off point. Pay securely online and receive the labels instantly.
  3. Sit back and relax, knowing your wine will be delivered on-time, safely and securely.


How to Package wine for Delivery

Everything you will need for packaging and protecting your wine, to ensure your delivery arrives safely:

  1. A bottle sleeve or bubble-wrap
  2. Cardboard box dividers, a bottle box or pieces of cardboard cut to size
  3. Internal packing material for your box, this is for shock absorption and protection in case your parcel gets bashed or dropped.
  4. A new double-walled cardboard box, large enough to contain your wine with all of the necessary packing materials listed above.
  5. Parcel tape, for sealing your parcel and securely attaching your shipping labels.


How to pack the box to keep your bottle safe

  1. Place your bottle inside of the protective sleeve, if you don’t have a sleeve, you can easily make one from bubble-wrap. Tape shut any openings to make sure the bottle will stay inside. 
  2. Use a bottle box or some cardboard to wrap around the bottle to create the second layer of protection. This should be tight around the bottle so that it won't rattle or move around inside. If required, use packing material to fill any spaces.
  3. Place the packing material in the bottom of the box, use enough so that when you place the wine inside it will sit roughly in the centre with space at either side and on top for more packing material.
  4. Make sure to add as much packing material as required. The wine should be floating in the centre of the outer box and packed tight enough that once the box is sealed, there’s no movement or rattles.


How to seal and label the box correctly

Sealing and labelling the parcel correctly is just as important, if not more, than packaging. After all, if your box opens up, or your labels fall off, the chances of that beautiful pinot noir arriving safely and very slim indeed. So, here are the steps to seal and label your box correctly.

  1. Close the top of the box and make sure that it’s not bulging or there isn’t any space inside for things to move around.
  2. Use Brown parcel tape to seal the box, making sure there’s plenty of tape at either side. It should be applied straight with no crumples or creases - if in doubt, reapply the tape.
  3. Seal all open edges of the box with parcel tape - again, making sure to use plenty.
  4. Print off your shipping label and place on the front of the box. Attach the label with tape making sure to fully tape every edge and not to cover any barcodes or details. To be extra safe you can use sellotape over the paper so that it’s protected from moisture and tearing. 

Picking the right shipping service for your wine

Before picking a courier service to deliver your wine, consideration must be given to the following two things:

  1. The restrictions and prohibitions of each courier company.

    Most couriers class liquids as dangerous goods and many list alcohol as a prohibited item. This limits the number of options you have to choose from. Many couriers will not allow you to post wine at all. 

    Although we do not recommend it, many customers still decide to send bottles of wine  using these services with the vast majority being delivered successfully.

    We always recommend that you adhere to the couriers rules when sending any parcel, as well as making sure you’ve read our list of Prohibited and Restricted items.

    If your parcel contains a prohibited item and it goes missing or gets damaged, there’s very little we can do to help you recover it.

  2. The import restrictions and prohibitions of the country they send alcohol to.

Can i post a bottle of wine in the mail for delivery in the UK?

Many people use parcel delivery services to post wine in the UK as it’s a cheap,  fast and reliable option. There should be no additional taxes or duties to pay if you’re sending to a UK address from within the UK. Make sure to read our advice on packaging your wine to make sure it arrives safely. 


Can I Import Wine into the UK?

There’s lots of things you will need to consider before you decide to send wine into the UK using a parcel delivery company. To keep you right the UK government has very detailed guidance available on their website. You may have VAT and Customs duty to pay before you can legally import 

UK Government Guidance on Importing Wine into the UK


Can I send wine Internationally?

Using an international parcel courier to send wine can be a low-cost and reliable option. It’s very important before you send your parcel that you’ve taken into consideration the restrictions and prohibitions of the country you’re sending to. Each country will have their own rules and regulations regarding shipping alcohol and legally binding. If you choose to ignore these you could be breaking the law. All the information you need is readily available online and is usually published on the countries government website.

If you’re unsure, you can always contact us for help & advice.

We always recommend that you adhere to all relevant rules and regulations when sending any parcel, as well as making sure you’ve read our list of Prohibited and Restricted items.


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