With just over a month until Christmas, many people will be busy packing up their parcels to send to their loved ones all over the world. Whether your gift is something small and handmade or a large luxurious gift, you want to make sure that it arrives safely and on time. This is something we can promise you here at Pharos Parcel. Today we are going to provide you with a few reasons why you should make Pharos Parcel your number one choice for delivering parcels this Christmas.


We’ve all been that person who has got their parcels ready to post, only to realise that they have gone and missed the last Royal Mail postage date! If you are posting a parcel to Australia, Asia, the Far East or New Zealand using Royal Mail, then the last postage date is Wednesday 4th December, but by using our Express Saver service instead, you can wait until Friday 20th December to post your parcel.

Pharos Parcel offers customers greater flexibility so that they can send their parcels out later and still have the peace of mind that they will arrive just in time for Christmas. Our last postage date for Eastern Europe is Monday 16th December using Standard Road Service. For the USA and Canada it is Friday 20th December and for the UK it is Monday 23rd December using our Express ServiceGet a quote now!

Cost effective

Getting your parcels to your loved ones for Christmas

Another reason to choose Pharos Parcel to deliver your presents this Christmas is the fact that we offer prices that are far cheaper than our competitors’. Take for instance, Parcel Force. For a 5 Kg box that is 30 x 30 x 30 cm, Australian Parcel Force would charge £90.40, whereas we would only charge £59.71. That is a whopping £30.69 cheaper! You could purchase another gift with savings like that! For the same weight and sized parcel to USA Parcel Force you would pay £72.20, but here at Pharos Parcel you will only pay £51.41. We even offer cost effective prices on UK parcels. Whereas Parcel Force will charge you £12.92 for a 5 Kg box that is 30 x 30 x 30 cm, we will charge you just £10.08.

Parcel tracking

Although Parcel Force offers tracking on some of their delivery services, it is not usually included in the price. We include tracking services on all of our deliveries so that our customers can see where their parcel is, right up until it has been handed over to the recipient. We think tracking is really important as it gives customers the peace of mind that their parcels are being delivered on time. With so much to think about at Christmas, you shouldn’t have to be worrying about whether or not your parcels have arrived on time.

Book online

Pharos Parcel makes the process of booking your parcel collections quick and simple. All you have to do is click on our ‘send parcels’ page and fill in the form. We will then send out our drivers to either collect your parcel the same working day or next working day, depending on whether you have chosen UPS or Yodel.


Christmas is an expensive time so we understand that you will be looking to make every saving possible. This is why we offer our customers cost effective parcel delivery services that will save them significant amounts compared to our competitors. We also understand that you will be anxious to find out whether your parcel has arrived on time. This is why we offer our tracking service. Providing you have sent your parcel out before our last Christmas postage dates, you should find that they arrive safely and on time, ready to be opened on Christmas day!