Driving home last night the news on the radio had three items that made me think.

A politician has been convicted for claiming over £50,000 in expenses fraudulently.

The energy companies have been accused of rigging energy prices.

And a well known coffee chain is suspected of declaring losses in the UK in order to pay less tax.

We are in a crisis of trust. Every day we hear more stories of loop hole sused by the rich and devious to avoid paying taxes or worse to defraud their customers. As an MP the great British public are their customers.

We take time to elect them to a position of privilege and trusted them not to abuse that privilege.

To the rest of us who are toiling day by day to make an honest living it does feel overwhelming at times, that we just can’t trust corporations or people who have been appointed to run them.

I believe the answer to be, we trust ourselves and our own judgement. The companies who are growing in this recession are the small people friendly organisations who when you phone you talk to a real person who can make a decision there and then for you.

This is why SME’s are growing even when the banks aren’t lending, people want to deal with people.

We see it in the world of online retailing. A lot of our customers are now wanting their parcels delivered next day. If someone has made an order with them they want next day delivery not in 3 – 5 days.

They want to track parcels so they know the delivery has been made and they have fulfilled their promise.

A lot of our customers who are small online traders are growing at a time when the High Streets are closing.

How do you trust a company?

Ask them. Ask for testimonials or a referral. Ask if you can speak to one of their customers.

Look them up online. There is nowhere to hide online. 

I always take the time to compliment a company or establishment if I have had a good experience. I want other customers to trust my judgement. In that way we can all help each other.

So why not take a minute to think of when you have had a good customer experience and take time to tell them.

It could be a quick email or tweet to say thank you but trust me it means the world to the people to know they are appreciated.