Since the Royal Mail was privatised postage costs have risen quite dramatically which has led to a lot of competition in the form of private courier services appearing on the scene. This is very good news for people who regularly send out parcels through the mail. However, you need to carefully weigh up alternatives to using royal mail so that you get the best deals around with reliability and good customer service.

Luckily, there are a many courier services today, including Pharos Parcel, which offer a first class service. But beware as in all markets where there are opportunities there are many companies doing a shoddy job, it’s always good to check reviews.

Using a Courier Service That Offers Parcel Tracking

You need to make sure the courier service offers a tracking service which is included in their basic price. The company should also be able to provide you with a guaranteed delivery time both of which are things the Royal Mail do not at the present time offer their customers. A factor to bear in mind is that many courier services offer customers a very real reduction in the cost of sending parcels through the mail which could be up to a savings of 50% – with the added advantage of parcels being picked up directly from your door.

Make sure you choose a reputable courier service when sending out parcels

Prices Vary From Company to Company

Prices will vary from company to company. Each company charges a different rate for the same services whether it’s a one-day, two-day, three-day or five-day service you opt for. However, if the parcel is going abroad then you have to expect to pay that much more. Call us here at Pharos for a consistently low cost quotation for all your parcel needs.

You might find that if you send a parcel that weighs less than 2kg, then it could be cheaper to send it via the Royal Mail. However, any package that weighs over the 2kg mark would be less expensive to send with a courier service with the advantage of it being picked up from your home.

A few courier services do not offer a next day delivery service so it is worth checking this out first and then deciding if you are getting good value for money. You also need to check out the level of compensation you would get should your parcel get damaged or lost whilst in transit.

Look Into the Collect+ Option

Another option that is worth looking into and is the Collect+ service and as long as there is a collect point close to where you live this could be a very convenient and cost effective option when sending out parcels.


If you send out parcels on a regular basis you need to know you are getting the best deal on your postage costs. Since the Royal Mail was privatised, the cost of sending parcels through their service has seen several dramatic prices and this in turn has seen many courier services appear on the scene. This is great news because it is now possible to go online and find the cheapest way to send out parcels whether the recipients are in the UK or abroad and is why everybody should weigh up alternatives to using Royal Mail when sending out parcels on a regular basis.