Occasionally, a parcel sent by our customers is received by our couriers and is found to be not quite what they were expecting to receive. For example, it may be larger, heavier or incorrectly packaged or not packaged at all.

We use the details our customers input on our website to provide quotes for parcel delivery services. These quotes are based on the assumption that the information provided by the customer is factual and accurate as well as the parcels being packaged in accordance with our packaging guidelines. If a the courier then discovers that the parcel is heavier or larger than has been declared or is incorrectly packaged, they have to take the time to repackage the parcel and the sender has not paid for the actual cost of the delivery.

This is the reason that the courier may issue and additional charge to the sender to cover the extra cost or providing the service.

We’ve detailed below the various reason that your parcel could incur and additional charge, we’ve also included some helpful guidance to prevent incurring and additional charges when sending your next parcel.

Wrongly Declared Size &/or Weight

If the actual size &/or weight of your parcel differ from details you provide when booking on our website, the actual cost we are charged from the courier is higher than the price that was originally quoted when the parcel was booked with the wrongly declared details.

Large Packet Surcharge

UPS and DPD both apply a large packet surcharge for items that exceed a certain size. Further details on parcels which qualify for a large packet surcharge can be found in the table below:

Courier Description
UPS courier logo


  • Length + girth exceeds 330 cm
DPD courier logo


  • Length exceeds 175 cm.
  • Weight exceeds 31.5 kg.
  • Girth exceeds 300 cm.

Only applicable on the following services:

DPD Classic European, DPD Express Classic, DPD Air Classic, DPD Drop Off Europe, DPD Drop Off International

Additional Handling

Additional handling costs are incurred when the courier has to handle an item manually, either due to its size or its packaging. Additional handling charges can be issued for the following reasons:

An additional handling surcharge is applied by the couriers when a parcel has to be manually handled during the transit process. This can either be due to it’s size or due to packaging.

Here’s a list of some reasons your parcel can incur an Additional Handling surcharge:

Reason Provided Description

Not encased in cardboard

  • Parcel is packaged in metal or wood (rather than the advised cardboard or jiffy bag) OR;
  • Any cylindrical item not packaged in a cardboard box (a tyre or a barrel, for example)


Any parcel with the longest side exceeding 100 cm

Second side

Any parcel with the second-longest side exceeding 76 cm


Any parcel exceeding 32 kg in weight