I am so fed up of hearing about the decline in the world economy.

Blame it on the bankers, the politicians, the greed of our capitalistic society, it doesn’t really matter.
Walk through any High Street in Britain from the affluent South East to a tiny town in the North and the same sad story is there.
Empty shop windows, names we all grew up with gone and nothing except charity shops and fast food outlets. We are where we are, which if the media is to be believed, is not in a good place fiscally.

How important is it whether Greece can repay their loans or not in our day to day lives?
I don’t actually think anybody really knows.
I am of the opinion you could have put a bunch of mothers with no greater qualifications than balancing the household budgets, and they could have done better than all these economists and experts. They certainly couldn’t have done any worse.

However I do see a glimmer of hope………………………. It’s online.
Britain is leading the way with online retailing. Each day in our business we come across wonderful enterprising people who have a passion and knowledge, and have turned that passion into a living.
Whether it’s making replica armour for enthusiasts in the USA or selling boots to trek the wildest parts of the world I am continually enthused by the spirit of entrepreneurs who are designing, making and selling their goods online.
Britain was disparagingly called “a nation of shopkeepers” but I believe the way forward to recovery is just this:
We are good at ideas! We are enterprising! We will not take no for an answer! And we’re good shopkeepers. We’ve found a way to trade via the internet.
We even find ways round banks claiming to lend to small businesses, when they won’t.
All we need now is an enterprising, innovative Government to recognise that the majority of businesses in the UK are what are termed as micro businesses and find ways to support them and help them grow, not impose outrageous taxes and rules to stand in our way and then yes……………

We can do it for ourselves.