More businesses than ever are taking environmental issues very seriously and as such are doing all they can to reduce the carbon impact they leave behind in the course of running their companies. The parcel and courier industry too are making a big effort to be as environmentally friendly as possible by implementing certain things and initiatives to become more environmentally friendly. One of which is to reduce their fuel consumption. However, there are other ways the industry can reduce the impact they make on the planet some of which are detailed below.

Using Vehicles That Boast Latest Technologies

Many courier and parcel delivery companies now use vans that boast stop-start technology which means engines cut out when the van is not moving. An example would be when a van has to stop at traffic lights. This in turn reduces harmful carbon emissions which is a very positive step in the right direction when it comes to saving the planet.

Road Deliveries Instead of Air

When it comes to distribution, many of the parcel delivery and courier services now use road networks instead of sending parcels by air. The move to roads is another way to reduce the carbon footprint they generate through their business.

The Importance of Recycling

When it comes to recycling the industry is doing its best to minimise the amount of waste they produce, which ultimately ends up in ever increasing landfill sites, and this is making headway. Where possible many couriers and parcel delivery services encourage customers to use recycled boxes with the only stipulation being that the box has to be in good condition and not damaged or torn in any way. The reason being that damaged parcels could snag on the conveyor belts they need to travel down whilst in transit in depots.

Many of the larger courier’s offer client’s re-usable as well as recyclable packaging with as much as 70% of the packaging being made out of recycled material, something customers are increasingly taking advantage of.

Using Hybrid-fuel Vehicles

Hybrid-fuel vehicles are being used by the larger courier services although the transition over to them is still in progress and the same can be said when it comes to the sort of aircraft many of the larger parcel and courier delivery companies use.

Third Party Initiatives

A lot of the bigger concerns have also set in place certain schemes and projects which are aimed at protecting the environment namely woodlands and forest projects. Customers can donate an amount of money towards a chosen project when they use the courier service.

Energy Efficient Distribution Centres, Depots & Offices

Reducing second delivery attempts helps reduce fuel consumption

When it comes to ensuring offices, buildings, depots and distribution centres are energy efficient, the courier and parcel delivery industry has taken the initiative to install smart electricity and gas meters which allows businesses to monitor their usage. This in turn means improvements can be made in areas where energy is being wasted and the goal being to become more energy efficient in the workplace.


With more company’s taking the initiative to go “green” and to reduce the carbon impact they leave on the environment, the courier and parcel delivery industry has set in place many ways in which their businesses are becoming more eco-friendly. Whether it’s their premises, their vehicles, the packaging they use and offer their customers, slowly but surely the industry is taking steps in the right direction to reduce the carbon footprint their businesses leave behind them.