Vital Packaging Materials You willl Need to Create the Perfect Parcels

If you need to send parcels regularly, these are some materials that will make the process of shipping secure and carefully prepared packages much easier.

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If you need to send parcels regularly, there are some materials that will make the process of shipping secure and carefully prepared packages much easier. Even if you’re not a regular parcel-sender, taking on board some of these tips and using a few of the accessories will help to ensure that when you do come to send some items from one place to another, you will get them where they need to be in great condition.

Getting the outside right

Take care you don’t parcel up your sleeping cat!

While the most important part of the package that you’re shipping is what is inside, the most important part of packaging it is what goes on the outside. Ensuring that you choose something that is strong, protective and the right fit for your parcel is very important to make sure the parcel’s contents arrive in the best possible condition.

Thankfully, there are plenty of items that can help you get that part of the parcel process right every time. There is now a huge range of parcel packing items available to buy that will make sure you’re well-prepared for wrapping to send.

Depending on what you want to send, there will be a type of container for your item. Generic cardboard boxes that come flat-packed and can be quickly assembled provide a great deal of flexibility in shipping items of different sizes. However, if you know the usual size of your items and will be shipping on a regular basis, you can bulk-purchase packaging in the size you are most likely to require. There are plenty of on-line suppliers that will be able to offer great deals on larger orders for packaging materials to help you keep your costs down.

Protect your parcel

Protect your parcel; bubble wrap always comes in handy!

There are containers for shipping items that already come with their own built-in protection. So, for example, foam-lined boxes and bubble-lined envelopes have their own pre-installed protective materials that help to prevent damage to items while in transit.

If you will regularly be shipping items of different sizes, a range of protective and cushioning materials that suit different needs might be more helpful. Most people will be aware of the benefits of bubble wrap, but that in itself has a fairly limited range of applications and is best used to directly wrap items as one would in a bubble-lined envelope. However, there are other materials that might lend themselves better to a wider range of uses.

Polystyrene chips and air-filled pillows can help fill the gaps in a larger box containing a smaller item to cushion it and prevent it moving around and potentially breaking in transit. These are not, however, the most environmentally-friendly options available and you may choose something that is a bit easier to recycle or biodegrade. WoodWool is one product that has that appeal, or you could even use your own (non-confidential!) shredded paper to pack out the empty space in boxes. You could even take a leaf out of beauty company Lush’s book and fill the void space with popcorn! You’ll probably want to advise the recipient that it’s best not to eat it, though…

Sealed for delivery

Once you have the correct container and you’ve filled it to prevent damage en route, the next step is securely sealing the package. There are many different kinds of tape and other fixing methods, including tapes with printed instructions or even customised to include a company logo. These can help add some corporate flair to your parcels and make your packages more identifiable.

If you’re packing parcels and sending them frequently, some time and effort-saving gadgets might help get the job done more quickly. Hand-held plastic tape dispensers allow packagers to quickly and efficiently apply just the right amount of tape without getting in a tangle.


And that’s it! Choose the right kind of accessories for the type and frequency of packaging that you are likely to be doing and make getting secure parcels out quickly and easily an absolute breeze.

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