Sending a parcel to someone is really straightforward and you can do it from the comfort of your own home in no time at all. You can book a collection slot after you’ve checked out the cost of sending the parcel by trying out the “Quote me calculation” service from Pharos Parcel which makes it a seamless experience just about anybody can do and it only takes a few clicks to get it all booked and ready for collection and then delivered either to a UK or International address.

Easy to Navigate Website

Pharos Parcel offer a 1st class parcel service

Pharos Parcel offers its customers a really easy to navigate website which means you can check out the cost of sending a parcel to someone whether it’s in this country or abroad. Once you know the cost you can then choose which service would be the most suitable. If you need to get a package to someone quickly, the faster Express delivery service is second to none and guarantees your parcel will reach its destination within the time you had hoped it would.

Affordable Parcel Delivery Services

If you’re on a tight budget and have a lot of parcels to send out to customers on a regular basis, why not consider using the Standard delivery service which is an affordable option that won’t break the bank. The great thing is you can check out the price per parcel by clicking on the “Quote Me” calculation service which gives you an immediate quote whether you are sending a parcel to a UK destination or to a destination somewhere else in the world.

Do You Need a Same Day Delivery?

If you need to get a parcel to a destination as a matter of urgency, the same day delivery service is the ideal option. As long as the order is placed before 2 pm, your parcel will be collected from your chosen address and delivered to the person the very same day. Using the “Quote Me” service to find out the cost of getting your package to its destination on the same day makes it a really easy thing to do.

What if You Don’t Need Insurance?

Parcels cost less with Pharos Parcel

If you don’t need to take out any insurance on the items you’re sending, there’s a great option which cuts the costs down considerably. The Standard UK and Northern Ireland economy delivery service is the ideal option which gets your parcel delivered to their destinations in 1 to 3 working days once the order has been placed and the package has been collected from your chosen address. You can also specify just when you’d like your parcel to be delivered so that it’s more convenient for the person you are sending it to with a morning or afternoon delivery option available to you.

Getting Your Parcel Delivered on Time for a Great Price

The “Quote Me” calculation service helps speed up the process of getting your parcel to its destination. You know immediately how much each parcel will cost you and the choices of parcel delivery services on offer, allows you to keep on top of your postage costs. As a bonus you can do all of this at the click of a few buttons without having to leave the house or office.


If you send out a lot of parcels on a daily or weekly basis, the “Quote Me” calculation is an invaluable time saving tool that allows you to keep on top of your postal costs. You can send a parcel by an Express Service if it needs to be delivered ultra-fast whereas you can keep postal costs down by sending packages which are not so urgent for a cheaper rate and this tool helps calculate everything really fast.