Sending parcels out by mail can prove a costly business especially if you mail out a lot of them on a regular basis. Since the Royal Mail was privatised, the cost of sending packages is a bit off putting to say the least, but luckily a lot of competition has appeared on the scene which offers you a great choice when it comes to couriers and other parcels services. Prices vary from company to company, however, there are ways to reduce the cost of sending parcels and one of them is to make sure packages are as light as they can be with the proper padding used to protect items.

Consider Using Customised Packaging

You’ll find that quite a few companies have redesigned the type of packaging they sell customers these days with the end goal being to reduce the weight of a shipping box. The design incorporates flaps made out of a much lighter grade cardboard which is typically corrugated with the walls of the box being thicker for the much needed strength. Using this type of box can reduce the total weight of the box and therefore the cost of shipping it.

Using the right size box is important too because with less padding inside, you effectively reduce the weight of the box. If you use a big box for a medium to small size item, you may not realise how much weight the padding needed can add to the overall weight of the box. The other aspect to bear in mind is the bigger the box, the more expensive it usually is to post or courier out to people.

Send Out Smaller Boxes in Bulk

If you regularly send out a lot of packages, you might like to consider reducing the size of the boxes and sending less in each. Most postal couriers are happy to offer clients interesting discounts when they routinely send out bulk parcels. This way the boxes are lighter, therefore easier to handle and the cost per box is that much cheaper when you include the discounts you receive. Packages under 2kg are a lot cheaper to send than anything over this weight which is why you should try to limit your parcels to 2kg and under.

Bubble wrap is a great option when it comes to lightweight packaging

Invest in Good Quality Lightweight Padding

Padding any items out is crucial in preventing anything from being damaged whilst in transit but the type of padding you use can make a big difference to the overall weight of the package. These days there’s a great choice of top quality lightweight padding that offers maximum protection for items that you pack away in cardboard boxes ready to be mailed. Bubble wrap is one option but there are others too which includes using recycled shredded paper, polystyrene or large plastic air-filled padding balls.


Sending parcels out through the post is an expensive business these days. Luckily, there’s a lot of competition between private courier companies which means if you shop around carefully, you can find the best deals out there. However, you need to make sure you use a reputable courier service and one that boasts loads of positive independent customer reviews so you have the peace of mind your parcels get delivered in a timely fashion. When it comes to reducing the weight of a parcel, there are several ways of achieving this which means sourcing lighter weight boxes, using top quality ultra-light padding and to limit your parcels to 2kg and under.

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