With postal costs on the rise more businesses look for ways to reduce their postage overheads so they don’t eat into their profit margins. Consumers who sell items through the various online platforms also look for the cheapest way to send the items they sell to the buyers so it works out cheaper all round. Below are a few tips and ideas to make big savings on small parcels whether you run a business or you sell the occasional item on the Internet.

Check the Rates for Small, Medium & Large Parcels

The first thing you need to do is check the rate for sending a small package and the maximum weight it can be. Once you’ve established the rate, the next step is to compare this to the cost of sending a medium or large parcel not forgetting to check the weight limits too. Very often it works out a lot cheaper to send a few small parcels rather than larger and heavier ones due to the fact they are easier for the couriers to handle.

Pack Your Parcels Intelligently

Sending parcels via a courier and parcel delivery service is typically calculated on both size and weight so if you pack your parcels yourself and you do this smartly, you can save yourself some money on postage. It is better to make up smaller parcels which normally work out cheaper than sending medium or larger parcels. If you pack as many items as you can into a smaller parcel with enough padding to protect everything, it does work out cheaper than sending more of the items in larger boxes which also weigh more.

Consider Sending Multiple Items to the Same Address

It is often a lot cheaper to send several items to the same address as a consignment because a lot of parcel delivery companies and courier services offer an interesting discount for multiple parcels when they are sent to one single address. However, you would need to check what the parcel delivery service considers to be a consignment.

Parcels Over 2 Kg

Multiple items can be cheaper. Use our quote form to find out

If you’re sending a small parcel that weighs over 2kgs, it’s worth getting a quote from a few courier and parcel delivery services because you will find their rates vary quite considerably from company to company. However, before choosing the cheapest, it’s worth reading a few independent reviews about the company first. If there are any negative comments it might be worth choosing another parcel delivery service which is slightly more expensive but which boasts better customer reviews.

Make Sure You Can Track Your Parcel

It’s really important to use a company that offers its customers a parcel tracking service because you need to know where your parcel is at any point in time. If the courier service offers extremely cheap rates but you cannot track your parcel, you might find that if the item gets lost in transit, the parcel might be hard or impossible to find causing serious delivery delays.


Sending small parcels through the Royal Mail is an affordable option as long as they weigh below 2 kg. If the parcel weighs more than 2 kg, your best option is to contact a courier or parcel delivery service because their rates are usually a lot cheaper. However, you need to check out a few because rates do vary from company to company. You could also reduce the cost of sending a small parcel by taking it to the delivery company yourself rather than have them pick it up but there’s the time factor of getting there to consider which might not make this worthwhile.