It’s always nice to send a gift to someone and especially if you want it to be a surprise. Lots of people send flowers, chocolates and other goodies to the people they love and they do so using a courier service more than ever because it’s so affordable. However, people also like to send a bottle of “something” to a friend, relative or acquaintance every now and again which is also a lovely thing to do.

With this said you need to know what sort of wine and other alcoholic drinks you can send with a parcel delivery service because there are certain you’re not allowed to. Below are a few tips and advice on what you can and cannot send using a courier service when it comes to alcohol.

What You Can Typically Send With a Courier Service

Alcoholic Drinks boasting 24% or less:

When it comes to beer, lager, ale, wine and champagne which boasts being 24% ABV or less, you can send a 1 litre bottle of any one item. A parcel delivery service will normally not accept a parcel containing more than 1 litre of the above. Parcels have to be very well packed and securely closed having been put in a “leak-proof” liner first. You can use a sealed polythene bag, but it would have to be a very strong and good quality one.

Once you have placed the bottle in a leak-proof liner, it’s really important to pad out the parcel with lots of good quality cushioning which helps prevent the bottle from breaking whilst in transit. The parcel has to be labelled with a “Fragile” sticker and can be sent within the UK and to an international address with a parcel delivery service.

Alcoholic Drinks boasting 24% or more:

Check the limits before shipping alcoholic drinks

Alcoholic drinks and beverages that boast being greater than 24% ABV but not more than 70% ABV like rum, vodka, gin, whisky and other spirits as well as liqueurs can usually be sent within the UK but not internationally.

Again the volume you send via a parcel delivery service shouldn’t usually be more than 1 litre and the bottles have to be well packed in a leak-proof liner and then very well wrapped in some sort of cushioning to protect the bottle and prevent it from breaking during transit. It’s very important to place a “Fragile” sticker on the box because it contains a glass bottle.

High Strength Spirits are a No-No

Alcohol that’s 70% ABV and above which includes high strength spirits will not be accepted by a parcel delivery service whether you would like to send a bottle of something special to a friend or relative in the UK or abroad, even if the bottles have been extremely well packed. The reason being that high strength spirits are considered as dangerous substances for a courier service to carry in vans, trucks and to store when they are in depots whilst in transit.


Sending a bottle of something to a friend, relative or colleague as a gift is a nice gesture that many people enjoy doing and receiving. However, you need to make sure the bottle is placed in a leak-proof liner before wrapping it really well in some sort of protective cushioning so the bottle doesn’t get broken whilst it’s in transit.

You could also invest in special bottle packaging but you still have to make sure you place a “Fragile” sticker on the parcel because it contains glass. Most parcel delivery services will not accept alcohol with a 70% ABV or over because it’s considered too dangerous but anything under that is fine as long as you stick to the limits!