There are quite a few factors that determine just how much you’ll have to pay to send out a parcel. If you opt to use a courier service, you may find the prices companies charge for their parcel service varies quite widely. However, the type of parcel and the type of delivery service you’d ideally like will also have an impact on the final postage cost. The main factors that determine how much you’ll pay to send a parcel are listed below:

The Type of Parcel

You need to bear in mind that both the weight and size of a parcel will have a direct bearing on the cost you’ll have to pay. The rule of thumb is the heavier the parcel is the more expensive the postage cost will be. One way of reducing this is to send out more than one parcel at a time because a lot of courier companies offer interesting discounts on bulk orders. You can also cut the cost by taking the parcel to the courier’s depot rather than have them pick it up. You could also arrange for the recipient to pick up the parcel from the depot which is another say to reduce the cost too but not all courier services offer this option.

Rather than send one heavy parcel, send a few lighter ones which works out cheaper

The Type of Delivery Service You Choose

If you choose a next-day delivery service, this is naturally going to be more expensive than a standard delivery but a few companies offer several options when it comes to faster delivery which includes next-day. Most companies aim to have the parcel to its destination by 1pm although a few do get parcels delivered as early as 9am. With this said, the earlier you would like the parcel delivered on a next-day service will dictate how much it costs and as a rule of thumb the faster it is delivered the more you will pay.

Having a Parcel Picked Up Costs More

Although very convenient, having a parcel picked up from your doorstep will cost more than taking it to the company’s depot. Another extra cost is to have the parcel tracked although a few courier companies include this in their basic charge.

Sending Parcels Abroad is More Expensive

If the parcel is being sent abroad, it will cost more although this does differ from country to country and you need to bear in mind there might be an extra duty or tax charge if you send parcels overseas.

Insurance Will Add to the Cost

The majority of courier services will insure parcels up to a certain amount of money which is included in their basic cost. This offers you peace of mind that if your parcel should be lost or damaged whilst in transit, you would at least recover part of value of the item you sent. However, if the goods are more valuable then you usually need to take out additional insurance cover to make sure you do in fact, get back the value of the property you have sent and this does bump up the cost.

Another aspect to bear in mind is that many courier companies will only deliver more delicate items like glass or china on an economy service and as such this means your goods will not be insured should they get damaged or lost in transit. This in turn means you may have to use a specialist courier service.


It is always a good idea to check out how much a parcel is going to cost to send out and these days you can do this easily by going online. Most courier services offer this option on their websites and give advice on how to wrap a parcel and pad it out to avoid any damage occurring whilst the goods are in transit. There are ways to reduce the cost of sending a parcel, one of which is to keep the parcel as light as possible and to send several rather than just a heavy one.