The credit crunch has brought many retailers to their knees, and even though the economy is gradually recovering, many are still struggling to drum up the sales they need.

But this isn’t the case universally; online sellers are proving to be a continued success with buyers opting for value and convenience over the ability to purchase in person.

This boom in e-commerce has had a knock-on effect, not just benefitting internet entrepreneurs, but parcel delivery companies too. We take a look at how the change in buying habits has created a positive effect for parcel companies everywhere.

Why buy online?

The credit crunch forced many households to rethink their finances, sending increasing numbers looking for bargains and changing the way in which they shopped.

But although far more turned to the internet borne out of a new need, seeking out the best prices and competitive deals that weren’t on offer in their local area, this wasn’t a fresh trend, just an expansion of a new way of shopping.

Although the economy is now officially in recovery, many customers haven’t returned to the high street, preferring instead to continue to buy online. The number of individuals making purchases, including both everyday and special items, has continued to rocket.

Without so many overheads, it’s not difficult to understand why an internet retailer can offer a more competitive price. Customers also have the option to browse from a far wider selection of goods, plus purchase at a time which is convenient for them.

All of this means that there are far more items which need to be sent which can only be good news for parcel delivery companies.

A trusted solution

Parcel deliveries are rising year by year.

One of the other reasons why e-commerce sales have now exploded in volume is that they are no longer the exception to the rule.

When faced with the need to buy an item, many customers first reaction is now to look online, rather than nip to the shops.

This change in habits has been brought about by the vast number of trusted retailers which can be found on the internet, and payment providers such as PayPal have made it far safer to purchase goods. This newfound security removes much of the caution around buying online, making it a far more trusted solution than in the past.

A digital generation

Whilst purchases are made by customers from all generations, the number of individuals who have grown up in the so-called digital age is rapidly rising.

As time passes, more customers are coming of age, going out to work and becoming consumers who have been educated with the internet being a primary source of information, products and services. This stream of new customer’s means there will be a natural evolution towards buying goods online, with many younger consumers far less inclined to consider making a purchase at their local shop.


The trend for parcels being sent is rising year upon year, and the statistics suggest that the numbers will continue to rise.

Research has shown that online purchases are here to stay and during peak periods in particular, there could be an absolute frenzy for services from parcel delivery companies. Last Christmas saw a huge boom in the number of items being bought online, more than four times as many as in the past.

With statistics like this, it’s clear to see that the boom for parcel delivery companies is set to stay.


Although the past few years have been difficult for many businesses, not everyone has suffered. The continued trend for e-commerce means that parcel delivery companies are going to be hot news. This change in shopping habits is not expected to revert and with the emergence of the digital generation, both private buyers and businesses are predicted to increase the use of the internet further, creating an even greater demand in the parcel delivery industry.