Heading home for the holidays or home after finishing University?

You've had a great time and are looking forward to the next stage in your life! At college you've grown up, made lots of friends, had a really wonderful time and now it's time to move on.

Your whole life is ahead of you full of opportunities! but in the meantime you need to get all your stuff home.

Where did it all come from? It certainly won't fit in one suitcase.

How on earth are you going to get it all home?

Well here at Pharos Parcel we can help..........

Every year thousands of students studying all over the UK return home and use Pharos Parcel to help them ship their belongings home in the UK, to Europe and all over the world.

We offer cheap parcel delivery for students using the world's top parcel delivery companies.

Based on our experience here's some handy tips we hope will make your journey home or to your new job stress free.

  • Suitcases, luggage and bags must be boxed!!!! You can usually find cardboard from local shops to wrap round your case but if you send a case or bag with your label attached to it, trust me, the label will come off and your suitcase will be lost! Use lots and lots of packing tape so every corner and opening is sealed thoroughly.
  • Don't leave it until the last day to ship your belongings. There is nothing worse than leaving for a flight and the driver hasn't turned up to collect your 10 boxes! Your driver has on average over 100 parcels to collect each day. We cannot give a time that the driver will call. Sometimes the collection drivers just do not have the time to drive up and down looking for a hard to find address, especially on a campus. They do not have the time to phone you before they arrive so you can nip home from work to arrange collection. Occasionally they do not have enough space left in their vans for all your boxes. Pack your non essentials and ship them a few days before you are due to leave
  • Have a plan B so if you miss the driver you have arranged to leave your boxes with a friend at their address and contact us and we can arrange to have them collected from there for you.
  • Track your parcels. If the carrier is unable to find your address at home or if you've gone travelling and there is no-one to take delivery, once they have tried to deliver, your parcel will be returned to the UK and we get charged a fortune for returns. We simply don't have the space to store your belongings whilst you are off travelling!
  • Drop off your parcels. Did you know if your box is under 20Kg you can drop it into a drop off shop/access point as long as you have booked it and have the label securely attached to it. Always make sure the shop gives you a receipt for all your boxes!
  • PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE!  use strong double walled, NEW shipping boxes. Not tired old recycled ones. Whilst we are all environmentally friendly nowadays, when shipping you need strong new boxes not old battered ones. A crisp packet box designed to carry 1.5Kg is not suitable for shipping 30Kg of belongings home to Spain and it will split and your contents will be lost.
  • Provide a local contact phone number at both your collection address and home address. Drivers if they are looking for an address will sometimes phone if they have a contact number, but they are not allowed to phone international numbers.
  • Bear in mind personal belonging are not covered for loss or damage. You are sending your belongings at your own risk. Therefore careful packing makes all the difference, don't just chuck everything into a box and stick a bit of tape on the top and hope for the best. Please don't send your jewellery or laptops, take them with you instead. I once spent a whole summer trying to find a lost suitcase in which was a student's thesis who hadn't taken a copy. We were so heartbroken for him as he was a culmination of years of work.

 So take time and use lots of packing tape, you can contact us on https://www.pharosparcel.com/contact_form.php anytime for advice or you can phone us on 08456 478 479.

Also if you click on your countries flags on the top right of our home page we have written some helpful tips in your own language to try and help