For businesses that send out a large volume of parcels and packages on a regularly basis, using a top courier service is essential. However, even private individuals who need to send out an occasional parcel could benefit from contacting a courier service because if the package is over 2kg in weight, the chances are it will be a lot cheaper to use them than sending it out by the Royal Mail. Speed, price and quality of service – all important for parcel couriers because if they offer one without the others, you could end up being very dissatisfied.

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Speed – Does the Parcel Courier Offer Delivery Options?

You need to check out whether a parcel courier service you are thinking about using offers their customers a variety of delivery options. If you don’t mind the parcel taking a few days to reach a destination, a three or five day service could work out a lot less expensive than a same-day or next-day delivery service. However, if you do need to get items delivered super-fast to your customers, you need to have the peace of mind the parcel courier service would be able to do this for an acceptable price.

When it comes to sending out bulk parcels, a good courier service will offer interesting discounts that make using them very worthwhile because you could save your business a fortune by using their services. You also need to know whether you can have the parcels delivered to their depot and whether customers can pick the packages up when they arrive at the other end. This is another way of saving yourself money on your parcel postal costs. However, not every courier provider offers this type of service so it’s worth checking it out first which you can normally do online.

The All-important Price

When it comes to price, the parcel courier service has to offer you the most competitive rates around. There’s a lot of competition at the moment

between the courier services which have appeared on the scene over recent times. However, you have to weigh up the cost of sending out a parcel against other factors before you decide which service to use and these include the following:

  • Reliability
  • Quality of Service

You also need to know the company would be willing to offer you interesting discounts if you send out more parcels on a regular basis with them. You can use an online comparison site to find out which parcel courier service is offering the best deals on bulk mail but you also need to check out other important factors which include reliability and quality of service.

Quality of Service has to be High

When it comes to quality of service, with so much competition between parcel courier services today, you need to know the people you choose to work with offer the best service around. Employees have to be easily recognisable wearing smart clean uniforms with their name tags on. Vans or other vehicles need to be livered in smart colours and which makes the trucks instantly recognisable so that when they pull up at a house, customers know who they are.

Van drivers need to be courteous and helpful at all times but customers should never ask too much of them which could jeopardise their jobs. However, most drivers will do their best to be helpful when it comes to picking up and dropping off parcels making sure things go as smoothly as possible.


There’s a lot of competition out there these days, so when it comes to choosing a good parcel courier service, you need to do a little research first before making up your mind which company to work with. Speed, price and quality of service are all important factors but then so is reliability. By reading a few independent reviews on the Internet and checking out a few comparison sites, you’ll find the best deals out there which could reduce your postal costs considerably.