Neighbours, they’re a little like Marmite – you either love them or hate them! If you get on like a house on fire, you’re probably more than happy for them to sign for your parcels if you aren’t in to take them yourself but if they’re the type of people you avoid at all costs, we can imagine that you wouldn’t really want them to sign for parcels on your behalf.

The problem is that you often don’t get a choice in the matter. Many delivery workers will still attempt to leave your parcels with your neighbours, if you are not in, as it will save them from having to take them back to the depot. Companies even encourage their delivery staff to leave parcels ‘in a safe place’ or at a neighbour’s house, as it prevents them having to re-arrange delivery.

Whereas in the past, people were very friendly with their neighbours, today they’re more like strangers and would you really trust a stranger with your package?

Maybe that’s a bit of an over-reaction since the majority of people wouldn’t intentionally keep hold of your package or open it (especially with it being illegal to open packages addressed to other people). Even still, there are things delivery companies can do to re-assure their customers, which we’ve discussed below.

Leaving a card

Today many delivery companies will push a card through your door that lets you know if they have delivered your parcel to a neighbour. The great thing about this is that even if your neighbour doesn’t make the effort to deliver your parcel, you’ll know where it is, so you can go round and fetch it yourself. Sure there might be a little awkward interaction at the door but at least you’ll have the card to prove it’s your parcel!

Nominated neighbours

Other delivery companies like Royal Mail and DPD have nominated neighbour schemes. These allow you to choose which neighbour you’d like them to try first, if you’re not in. In order to set this up with Royal Mail, you need to visit your local delivery office, for security reasons. DPD and other delivery companies allow you to request a nominated online, as one of their in-flight delivery options.

The benefit of nominating a neighbour is that you can choose who signs for your parcel if you are out. This means if you are friendlier with one of your neighbours than the other, you can send it to the one you trust and don’t have to endure any awkward interactions.

Opting out

If you don’t get along with any of your neighbours or wouldn’t trust them to sign for your parcels, you can opt out of Royal Mail’s Delivery to Neighbour scheme. All you need to do is place a sticker (which you can get from the Royal Mail website) on your door. This will mean that if you are not home to receive your parcel, it will be returned to your local delivery office for you to collect or re-arrange delivery. By doing this, you will also be opting out of signing for any of your neighbours’ parcels too.

What if my parcel goes missing?

If a delivery company leaves your parcels with a neighbour and they are missing or get damaged, then you will be entitled to make a compensation claim, just as you would if your items went missing or got damaged during any other stage of their delivery process. Individual delivery companies will investigate claims, in line with their terms and conditions.

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