When Shipping Parcels from the UK; we are often asked about customs forms.

 Essentially if you are sending a parcel within the EU you do not need any forms for customs.

However, if you are sending a parcel to Norway, Switzerland and the Channel Islands, they are not in the EU and therefore need four copies of a Commercial invoice to accompany your shipment.

For all other countries out with the EU you need to fill in a Commercial invoice.

 This is a very simple form in which you fill in:  Date, Country of origin, Reason for Export ,the Senders VAT number if you have one, your address, country  and contact telephone number, the receivers name address and contact telephone number.

Finally you put the Parcel Tracking Number on, a full description of the goods, individual values,  a total value and then sign it.

Incidentally, the biggest cause of parcels being held in customs are inadequate descriptions of the goods shipped. 

For instance Christmas gifts are not enough, you need to itemise the contents.

 i.e. Toy fire engine, books, sweets  etc.  

 Don’t try and cheat the customs man, be honest about the value. 

 You then photocopy your commercial invoice three times and put all three copies in an envelope and attach it securely to your parcel and write in large letters COMMERCIAL INVOICES

 You hand the original one to the driver when he collects your parcel and hand over your parcel to be shipped.