Over the many years we have been in business we've come to realise that there is a vast difference between what we do, and what a typical parcel broker does. You see, here at Pharos Parcel we care passionately about the service we provide to you.  In this never-ending stream of big, faceless corporations and a constant one-size-fits-all approach to customer communication we believe that there’s room for a personal touch.

And that is why we’ve started our new blog, Parcels Are Personal, in which we aim to show how we can provide your business with a great service that will benefit you and your clients.  For us, its about building partnerships and becoming part of the team that delivers your parcels and your promise. This month, all you wonderful photographers are in the Pharos Partnership Hot Seat and we got snapping with some ideas for delivering perfect prints every time!

You see, if as we say, ‘Parcels Are Personal’, then the most important packages of all will be the ones containing precious memories from a special occasion.  Weddings, anniversaries and big events, are nothing without a record of the day itself.  Photographers are among the most important people we know when it comes to capturing the important milestones along a person’s life.

Move that on a step, and you will realise that we are among the people photographers trust each and every time they package up someone’s prints or canvas or discs.   This is something we take very seriously; we work closely with a number of excellent photographers and have had many discussions as to the best way to parcel up framed prints for delivery. (We also do a number of art galleries so we’ve become experts at exactly this.)

We know, like many businesses, digital has changed EVERYTHING for all you photographers out there and we have looked at ways to help you grow your business and maximise your turnover. For instance, posting out prints to guests of a wedding or party now means producing everything from the chunky proofing album to the finished book, from framed desk photographs to large canvases and wall-sized prints.   And as relations in Australia and France and America sit clicking through the digital album, you can rest assured that delivering to them will be as easy as opening your door and signing your name!

For the traditionalists out there, we’ll ensure your film roll makes it to the specialist lab on time and for the photographers who have diversified into their own prints, canvases and framed images, we would be delighted to become your preferred trusted partner.

Photographers' Services From Pharos Parcel

UK Wide Photographers

  • Collection from your door, parcels large and small.
  • Delivery to anywhere in the world.
  • Low prices guaranteed – from £8.75 next day delivery.
  • UPS Parcel Access Point for your customers who may be local to our shop in George Street, Perth.
  • Access to the UK wide network of UPS Parcel Access Points.
  • Personal contact with our office and small, friendly team should you wish to speak to a real person who cares!

Tayside Based or Visiting Photographers

Our busy shop on George Street, Perth offers additional services for those photographers who are local to us. While you’re out and about taking photographs and visiting clients, our friendly team can assist with a little of your parcel delivery admin.

  • All of the above services enjoyed by the UK Photographers
  • A professional packaging service for sending your outgoing prints, canvases and frames all at a modest cost
  • Parcel Drop Off Point for your incoming prints, canvases and frames (this is free when you use UPS via Pharos Parcel)
  • Mailbox Service to give you a professional city centre address for your business

If you’re a photographer working in the UK and you regularly send parcels, then keep it personal with Pharos. Click over to our website or drop us an email to find out how we can help you deliver your promise.