How to Send a Parcel for guaranteed delivery

How to send parcels within the UK and worldwide quickly, easily and safely with the world's top courier companies.

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Tips and Advice Everything you need to know about sending parcels.

Before booking

How do I get a price to send my parcel?

It's so easy, just visit our quote me page where you can get a quote in seconds.

You will need the following information:

  • Which country you are sending your parcel to.
  • The weight of your parcel in Kg.
  • The dimensions of your parcel in cm, length, width and height.
  • Which service you need.

 *Please note some parts of the UK including Highlands, Islands and Northern Ireland are more expensive to send parcels to.

  • Have a look at the quotes and decide which carrier or service you would like to use. Then click on book. Our services require a printer to send your parcel and  you will get access to your label at the end of booking to send your parcel and also when we send you your invoice so you can book on a tablet or phone and print your shipping label up later.
  • We need to know exactly where your parcel is coming from and going to, just fill in the form with your collection address. We will need a telephone number for your collection address. This is not so the driver will phone you before arriving to tell you when he is collecting, it's to help him if he can't find your address. If you are using DPD, fill in your mobile number or email address and for next day collections you will get a text or email the following day telling you what time the driver will be in to collect from you.
  • Please tick residential if you are sending from a residential address, if you are sending from a business address fill in the name of the company.
  • For your delivery address  we need to know the receiver's full name, address and local telephone number. If you are using DPD if have your receiver's mobile number or email address they will get a text telling them on the day of delivery telling them what time to expect your driver.
  • You need to tell us what you are sending and check it against the prohibited and restricted items list. Failure to do this may result in your parcel being seized and destroyed or returned and you will be billed for this cost. 

You can add extra compensation cover over and above what is included as part of the service if you are using UPS. Any item on that is on the prohibited or restricted list is not covered even if you have taken out additional cover.

Please don't forget to print your label up and securely attach it to the parcel.

Can I specify a collection time?

I'm sorry we cannot give a dedicated collection time. When you book a parcel it will be collected either the same afternoon or the next day, usually in the afternoon up until 5.30pm or 6pm in London. Your confirmation email will tell you when to prepare your parcel for collection. 

If you are using DPD you will receive a text to give you a collection window that the driver is hoping to collect from you.

If you need to send your parcel on an alternative day, please contact us and we will cancel your collection and arrange another day for you instead.

If you miss the driver or he cannot find your address and your collection is missed, please contact us immediately by phone 08456 478 479 or email and we will reschedule another collection for you. 

Dropping off a parcel. 

If you are using UPS, or DPD, did you know you can save time waiting at home by dropping your parcel into one of their access points local to you? This is a great service saving time waiting in for a driver. Click here to find your nearest drop off point.

Parcels have to weigh under 20 Kg and be shorter than 80 cm in length.

What can I send in my parcel?

All items have to be boxed. You cannot send items wrapped in bin bags or bubble wrap. All luggage must be boxed. We want to make sure your parcel is delivered quickly and safely. Some items just can't be sent by couriers, and some are sent entirely at your own risk. Please take a few minutes to read our prohibited and restricted items page and check the contents of your parcel. You are responsible for the contents of your parcel even if you didn't pack it yourself.

PROHIBITED items cannot be sent under any circumstances by any of our couriers you book through Pharos Parcel.

RESTRICTED items are items we do not recommend you send. If you decide to send them it is at your own risk on a no compensation basis. If they are lost or damaged you will not be able to make a claim for compensation. 

This includes personal belongings which are not covered for loss or damage.

If you are not sure, then please contact us, we want to help you and we like to talk with our customers.

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Do I need to package up my delivery?

Yes, absolutely! You must enclose your item in a strong double walled box suitable for the weight of your item. If it is a light item it can be shipped in a Jiffy bag.

Please Read advice on packaging your items .

We cannot collect pallets, crates or unpackaged goods. You will be invoiced for an additional charge for any unpackaged goods.

We cannot send suitcases, luggage or bags unless they are enclosed in a box or cardboard and thoroughly wrapped with parcel tape. Personal belongings are not covered for loss or damage and are sent at your own risk.

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Do I need a label for my parcels?

Yes. When you have finished your booking, you will be able to download and print your label, containing delivery information and a barcode, which you should securely attach to your parcel. We suggest you use clear tape across the whole label so it cannot come off your parcel. You can also download it from your confirmation invoice which is great if you're not near a printer when booking. 

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What if I don't know how heavy my parcel is?

Our How to Weigh your Parcel page will explain how to find out the weight of your parcel. We also have some great tips to help you reduce the weight of your parcel.

It is your responsibility to provide accurate information about the dimensions and weight of your parcel(s). Every parcel is accurately weighed and measured by our couriers.          

An additional fee of £50 for any overweight and/or oversized parcels will be invoiced to you. 

If you are the receiver you are still responsible for ensuring your parcel is the declared weight and size.

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Can I send a heavy or oversized Parcel?

Yes in some cases we can send these for you but you need to contact us on 08456 478 479 or and we will quote a price for you.

Help! I can't get a price for my Parcel on the Quote me page!

Don't panic, we are here to help. Give us a call!

It could be the weight or size is too big to send as a parcel.

Or you have put the length in as the height or width. The length has to be the longest measurement so if you have a tall parcel the length would be the longest side i.e. the height. 

Each carrier has maximum weights or sizes they will accept for carriage. 

Are there any restrictions on what I can send in my parcel?

Yes there are some items we just can't send in a parcel.

Please check our Prohibited and Restricted items list below.

After booking

Do I get compensated if my parcel is not delivered on time?

Some of our services are guaranteed delivery only. We will always attempt to collect your parcel the same day and work hard to make sure this happens.

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Do I get compensated if my parcel is lost or damaged?

You have up to 5 days to submit a loss or damage claim. If the goods are damaged, please don't sign to accept them. If you sign for the item in 'good condition' you will not be able to process a claim, so please mark them as damaged when signing. If you do not have time to check the items, please note 'goods unchecked'.

If the goods are received damaged, the packaging must be kept as not doing so will invalidate your claim. The carrier will not accept responsibility if the packaging cannot be provided when the goods are inspected. The damaged item must not be moved until the claim is completed as this will invalidate your claim. If the claim is paid out in full, the item will not be returned. If repair costs are paid the item will be delivered back to you.

Only the person that placed the order can start a claim and only the person who placed the order will be paid. There are some exclusions that prevent you from making a claim. For example, you will be unable to claim for any items which are on our Prohibited or Restricted Items list, or if the item was not boxed or packaged sufficiently. It is your responsibility to ensure we are able to ship your items before collection. For full details, please refer to our Prohibited Items and Restricted Items list.

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Do I have to pay customs / import or other surcharges for deliveries abroad?

VAT is automatically added to countries in the European Union. Other charges, such as customs or import tax, are at the discretion of the customs officials in the receiving country, and therefore cannot be calculated prior to delivery. This means that the recipient is responsible for paying the extra fees, should they arise. If the recipient does not pay these fees, Pharos Parcel reserves the right to invoice you for the actual costs, should they be charged back to you as the sender.

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I have changed my mind about a booking. How do I cancel?

Please contact as soon as possible and refuse any collection. If your item has already been collected, we will attempt to stop the delivery, but cannot be held responsible as it is no longer in our control. Should cancellations be successful, Pharos Parcel reserve the right to charge any fees incurred, up to the full value of the booking.

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