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Top Tips for Sending Antiquarian books round the world.

Posting valuable objects is always a worry.

We ship books to top collectors all over the world for our customers. Whether your customer is an academic library, a member of the royal family or a book loving celebrity, follow our top tips to ensure that your valuable edition arrives safely and securely with your delighted customer.

1. It's all in the packaging. 

Your book will travel down conveyor belts at amazing speeds and tumble down chutes with lots of heavier parcels. However machines can't read fragile stickers so some serious internal cushioning makes a world of difference.

Some carriers changed their terms and conditions giving them the option for the driver to leave a parcel in a safe place should the receiver not be at home.

We had a valuable first edition left outside round the back of a house in the USA, which was fine until the automatic sprinkler system came on! Fortunately our client always wraps his books thoroughly in bubble wrap first so although the outer carton was soaked and his client understandably concerned, the book was still safe and sound in it's original condition.

Did you know a recycled cardboard box loses over half it's strength every time is used?

Packaging is expensive but not as expensive as losing a valued customer.

2. Contact Details

Many people copy and paste addresses without actually looking at the information they have just used for an order. One common error is putting down a UK mobile number as the contact for an international address. A driver in Italy is not allowed to phone an UK mobile phone number to get directions if he can't find an address.

We do need you to put the street address in the box labelled street, and we ask for a local telephone number and, if you have it a mobile, so that if local depot has a problem finding addresses, they can try to contact the receiver for additional information. 

If a customs issue arises it can be quickly and easily resolved if we have the receiver's contact details. 

3. Know the name

Logistics is a fast moving business with frequent new entrants to the marketplace. It can be tempting to choose a 'cheaper' option but sometimes that is at the expense of experience.

Using the world's top carriers has stood the test of time for us at Pharos Parcel.

We have long standing realationships and appointed account managers so that if a problem crops up we can very quickly pick up the phone, speak to the right people and speed your package on it's way.

4. Why use us ?

We're reliable, friendly, helpful and knowledgable and we really do care about your books.

We like dealing with booksellers, you're a lovely and interesting bunch of people.

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