The world around us is changing at incredible speed. We once projected flying cars into the future, the invasion of Martians, and robots that serve our every need. While only the latter has some resonance with the world we live in today, technology has still revolutionised each and every area and industry that it is involved in.

We have seen amazing recent advances in the post and parcel industry, and here we’ll talk about how the courier trade has come on in leaps and bounds from horseback and sack cloths.


Parcel technology is changing

Express air delivery now means that your parcel can be guaranteed to arrive at its destination within the UK by noon the next day. With the technological advances at every stage of the delivery process, your package is now processed at ultra-fast speeds, and gets exactly where it needs to go by quick calculations of the fastest routes and transportation methods either side of the airports.

These advances have even extended this UK delivery by noon capability to major cities in the USA and Canada. These impressive feats of speed and efficiency in service mean that your post or parcels could be across the ocean within hours of you sending it. Around the globe deliveries can reach even the furthest destinations between 1-3 days.

Where and When

Much like any other industry, the post and parcel industry has now well established itself online. There have been amazing opportunities from the advances in technology in the industry, meaning that your parcel can be tracked and traced, wherever it is in the world.

You can simply log onto the company’s website to find out the processing or delivery status and location of your parcel. The tech behind this great feature is all about scanning the item’s unique code as it passes through different stages of the service. You can keep an eye on your important package while in the comfort of your own home, thousands of miles away. No need for phone calls, being passed around company staff, just quick, easy access to the information you need to know!

All your questions answered

The great thing about the post and parcel industry taking to the web is that there is so much information at your convenience at the click of a button. You can get access to many frequently asked questions and information that you need to know about the service you may be looking at, or even questions if you’ve already purchased a service.

As well as the frequently asked questions to give you peace of mind, there are quick quotes available based on simple information you provide. You could find out the exact cost and time that your parcel needs to complete its journey, as well as compare different methods and options to help balance your need for speed and budget!

Social Media

The Internet has saved the postal system after nearly causing it’s downfall

Not only has recent technology meant that the post and parcel industry has gained power and performance through their websites, they have also taken advantage of the huge social media phenomenon.

Some savvy services have got themselves accounts on social media websites like Twitter and Facebook, and are updating blogs with some great information. This means that you, the customer, have a chance to interact with them, and often get access to deals, leave feedback, and help them to improve their service. The recent advances in technology means that, now more than ever, the post and parcel industry is connected with its clients and fighting to give the most competitive service on the market as the world gets smaller and customers more ‘in the know’.


While we’re not quite there with teleportation, parcels are currently able to travel at incredible speeds around the world. First we sent things by land, then by sea, and now by air and via the World Wide Web. The post and parcel industry hasn’t neglected the latest technology, and is using mobile apps, tracking, superfast air travel and many more advances in the modern world to bring you the best service possible. If you want something delivered with care, speed, efficiency and experience, then it’s about time you realised how high the post and parcel industry has set the bar today.