We’ve moved!

It’s been traumatic to say the least.

It is a difficult decision to make as the costs have been horrendous.

However we found a lovely shop in a very nice street in Perth and thought it was time the good people of Perth could benefit from our parcel delivery service. We have had so many people asking us about packaging we took the plunge and negotiated on a lease so we can now offer a drop in parcel shop and supply and pack boxes for our local customers.

That was the easy bit!

Dealing with agents, suppliers, surveyors and the local council has been a nightmare.

The world seems to be full of people who want to protect their positions but not use any common sense.

If we ran a business the way they run theirs we would all be out of business, but of course they will never be out of business because us, the tax payers are funding them.

Right that’s it rant over!

I am assured that dealing with bureaucracy in some other countries makes Britain look like a picnic.

Added to fact we are hidden under scaffolding as the attic flat in our above our shop went on fire the week before we moved in and the landlord has had to wait weeks for planning permission to repair his roof, back to the local council again.

However we’re in and sorted at long last and also managed to deal with our busiest month ever with our online customers.

On the bright side we are across the road from one of world’s best ice cream shop and delicatessen

Not good for the waistline but great for morale.

We now are able to not only send parcels for you but also send you strong double walled boxes suitable for shipping along with bubble wrap and tape to ensure you can send your parcels and packages securely and safely.