CHOOSING THE RIGHT DELIVERY SERVICE to send your parcels to Europe

Whether your priority is for speed or cost, Pharos Parcel has a courier service to match. 
We are highly recommended for sending parcels to Europe for both great prices and exceptional customer service.

Your quote on will show you prices for each of our parcel delivery service.

This is our most popular service to Europe, your parcel is collected from your address in the UK and delivered by road by either DHL, DPD or UPS on their road European service. 
Delivery is between 2 — 7 working days at an unbeatable price.

DHL are first class with their European parcel delivery service and are great on price with smaller parcels. They do price volumetrically that is by weight and size of parcel, so if you have larger or heavier parcels UPS or DPD might be better.

DPD's road service to Europe has won awards for their predict service. If you give us a local mobile number or email address for your receiver, they  will get a text or email telling them when your parcel is out for delivery.  We do however always recommend that you ruthlessly track your parcel and DPD will sometimes not deliver if there is not a local contact telephone number so a UK mobile will not be sufficient. We also do not recommend DPD for the Baleaeric islands, they use a local delivery company called SUER who when they are good they are great but when they don't deliver our customers can never get hold of them on their telephone number and there can sometimes be issues with delivery.

UPS deliver all over the world and in a lot of countries in Europe we have a simple price per box rate for you which a lot of our customers really love.

Again local telephone numbers make a huge difference when sending parcels so if the local driver who cannot find the address then the carrier has got a phone number to try and contact you.

Both UPS and DPD have a system now if they attempt to deliver and don't get anyone at home they might then deliver your parcel to a local collection point. In this instance they will leave a card with the local collection points address for you to collect your parcel. 


We cannot emphasise enough the importance of you tracking your parcel. We simply do not have the time to track everyone's order so we provide you with the facility to track your parcel so you know when it is out for delivery.

We are here to help. If you have any queries please do phone us and we will do our best to help you. Sometimes you get some wierd and wonderful statements on the tracking and over the years we've got pretty good at interpreting them or a quick call to our preferred customer service desk with the carriers means we can sometimes get an answer quicker than you can.

When you need that document or parcel on a desk in Europe quickly, choose our Express delivery options, this is guaranteed to major European cities next working day. It's a fantastic service and it gives peace of mind for those really important orders or documents.

Order before 11:30 for collection before 5:30pm for next day delivery.

To send your parcels to Europe using Pharos Parcel you will need:

  • A computer and working printer to print up the label we provide you. YOU HAVE TO BE ABLE TO PRINT A LABEL.
  • A strong box suitable for the weight of your shipment and lots AND LOTS  of parcel tape.
  • Someone to be at your collection address on the day of collection.
  • Most collections are made in the afternoon at any time up to 5.30 pm.
  • If you order before 12 noon, your collection will be made on the same day in most areas of Britain.

If you order after 12 noon your collection will be made the next working day, anytime up to 5.30pm.
Please note; the driver will not be able to phone you before he collects and needs access to your front door.

  • A credit or debit card or PayPal account for payment.

From our many years of experience delivering parcels across the world here is some advice for packing your parcel

Your parcel will be handled on average by at least 7 different people all under very demanding time constraints and will travel down conveyor belts and may be turned on its side or upside down.
Therefore you must ensure your items are securely packed and cushioned extremely well.

Please do check our list of prohibited and restricted items 
It is very important that you do not send something hazardous and that you are aware that certain items are not covered by transit cover should they get lost or damaged. This includes personal belongings and we do not recommend sending TVs, they are too fragile.

Luggage and bags must be boxed and are sent at own risk they are not covered for loss or damage.

Our carrier will attempt delivery 3 times, after this, your parcel will be returned to the UK. We will be charged for this return delivery and we do not get our discounts on returns so it is very expensive.

When you book your parcel with us you will be sent an invoice and on this is your tracking number. 
You can use this number to track your parcel on our website and see when it is out for delivery. 

Please when booking put a local contact telephone number for your delivery address. If our carrier cannot find your delivery address they will attempt to phone them for directions.

We are here to help and we like to talk with our customers. If English is not your first language do not worry we are very patient and friendly.

You can contact us on +44 1738 633220 or email on: