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About Us. Why we're so passionate about parcels.

By 15th May 2018

Pharos Parcel

Your Parcel

Our Promise

Pharos Parcel was started in 2008 by Fiona and Roy McLellan.

After decades of experience in logistics we noticed the growing love the British have in online shopping, an obsession that has grown year on year and doesn't show any signs of abating.

After years of sending mail and parcels all over the world we wanted to provide a friendly, helpful and cost effective service for small businesses selling their unique products all over the world and for individuals to send parcels whether to holiday homes in Europe, students returning home from studies or people selling their all kinds of objects on EBay. 

We do have some wonderful individual customers with some very innovative products.

Why Do We Do It?

Well, we love the idea that all over Britain we are providing a reliable, trustworthy and cost effective parcel delivery service to help small business thrive and grow.

We concern ourselves about your deliveries leaving you free to concentrate on other aspects of your business. Occasionally we have said a fond farewell to valued customers who have grown their businesses successfully were then in the enviable position to negotiate their own shipping rates with a carrier. We are delighted we were there with them in the beginning and played a small part in helping their business grow.

We do passionately believe that Britain famously described as a 'nation of shopkeepers' are growing the economy by selling wonderful products all over the world. We believe the future of Britain and the world will be successful due to the energy and passion of small business owners. Whilst there will always be large corporations more and more people are working together in small groups to create dynamic and forward thinking companies.

Most carriers are looking for someone to spend at least £25,000 a year on shipping before you can open an account with them, so for small businesses, this is where we come in. Using our negotiating skills and the high volume of parcels we send every year we are able to provide courier services at wholesale prices.

With prices up to 70% lower than the local Post Office, many of our customers keep our website in their favourites bar for when they have parcels to deliver next day in the UK or to Europe or to the four corners of the world in under a week.

Whilst any aspect of logistics has its challenges we are in turn dependent on third party suppliers.

Therefore you won't find a huge range of carriers, we want to provide you with a service that transports your parcel safely and securely. We have personally selected carriers whom we have worked with for years and trust to get it right for you.

No two days are the same and every day brings a new challenge.

Whilst discretion and honour prevents us ever naming names we are very proud to count members of the royal household and celebrities as clients as well as people from all walks of life who like dealing with a company who sends their parcels and documents safely and securely.

Whether sending a treasured dolls house for the next generation to enjoy in Ireland or an expensive work of art to the West Coast of America, you name it we've shipped it.

With years of experience in transporting goods all over the world a lot of customers phone for advice and if Pharos can't help, we can usually recommend someone who can.

Unusually for a web-based company, Pharos thrives on communication with our customers. You will always find a contact phone number and email address you can contact us on. If you phone us and we don't answer leave us a message and we will always call you back. 

Where are we based?

In the UK. Our server is based in the UK, our programmers are based in the UK and our carriers all have their service centres in the UK.

Our head office is based in Dundee, Scotland.

If we wish to bring on a new supplier we trial them first with a select group of customers. This gives us the opportunity to iron out any teething problems before we introduce it on our website.

What Keeps us Passionate about Parcels?

Well that's easy, it's you our clients!

We love the banter, laughter and talking with your our valued customers about your businesses, your families and your experiences.

People make the world go round.

Whether it's on the web, over the phone or face to face people like to deal with people they trust.

We would be lying if we claimed things never go wrong. Even the world's top carriers occasionally lose parcels or damage them. With the millions of parcels that are transported every day there are times labels come off parcels and they get lost or a parcel is dropped or damaged. We won't pretend it doesnt happen. But over and over again when something has gone wrong people still come back to use us again because we try to be honest and operate in an ethical manner.

If a parcel is damaged and it's been packed properly we will fight with the carriers during a claim.

Sometimes we are successful, other times we're not but we will try for you.

Similarly when a parcel goes missing. We use our long-standing relationships with the preferred customer service personnel and our account managers to try and pull out the stops to try and find it. We know how their systems work and how to get around them to find a solution to a problem.

All those years ago we remortgaged our house to build our first website. We thought long and hard about how we wanted to present ourselves and the phrase Your Parcel, Our Promise came to mind.

Ten years later it still stands. We can't promise every parcel will arrive on time and in perfect condition, but over 99% of the time it does. 

Which is why over the years we have grown with a group of dedicated clients who year in and out use us to send their parcels and helped us to grow by recommending us all over the world.


Best Prices for sending a 10kg parcel from UK to United Kingdom*

Express UK

£10.08 exc VAT
£12.10 inc VAT
Express Service at Economy Prices, delivery guaranteed to most postcode areas with the UK's favourite courier.
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UK Standard 30Kg

£11.02 exc VAT
£13.22 inc VAT
A tried and tested UK delivery service. Great value and in most cases next day delivery
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UK Oversize

£26.23 exc VAT
£31.48 inc VAT
UK delivery service for large, long and oddly shaped parcels
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Express UK Saver

£30.76 exc VAT
£36.91 inc VAT
A Great Service for guaranteed delivery by end of the next day delivery with UPS
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Express UK

£31.26 exc VAT
£37.51 inc VAT
If you need your parcel guaranteed delivered next day by 12 in most parts of the UK this is the one for you
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*The final price may vary depending on your choices during the checkout process.