Although there are many excellent UK ecommerce websites to shop from, it can be incredibly frustrating for international shoppers when they find they do not deliver to their country or have to pay expensive shipping charges.

If you are looking to save money on your ecommerce transactions, you may want to consider using a parcel forwarding service. Here we will explain what a parcel forwarding service is and how using one can benefit you.

What is parcel forwarding?

Parcel forwarding is a type of delivery service. Basically international customers are given a UK address to use for their ecommerce transactions on UK websites. Their parcels are then sent to a depot in the UK before being shipped or flown overseas to the their home countries. The parcel forwarding company then organises a local courier to pick the parcel up and deliver it straight to the customer’s door.

Shop UK websites

You can make significant savings on your ecommerce transactions by using a parcel forwarding service.

If you find that many UK websites do not deliver to your country then it may be worth considering using a parcel forwarding service. They will more than likely ship to your country, allowing you to shop your favourite UK ecommerce websites without restrictions.

Lower delivery costs

Using a parcel forwarding service can also help you to lower your delivery costs. As mentioned before, when UK ecommerce websites do offer international delivery, it tends to be very expensive. You will find it is much cheaper to use a parcel forwarding service to deliver your parcels to you. This is due to the fact they will equip you with a UK delivery address to use during the transaction process. By using this UK delivery address, you will be able to pay UK postage rates and access any delivery discounts that are usually only available to UK residents.

Since parcel forwarding companies tend to work closely with certain couriers, they are more likely to get discounts on delivery, which will be passed on to you.

Speedy delivery

Another benefit of using a parcel forwarding service is that they offer quick and efficient international delivery. If you need your order in a rush, it is likely that a parcel forwarding company will be able to get it to you much quicker than if you order it straight from the ecommerce website, using their own delivery service.

Safe delivery

Finally, by using a parcel forwarding services, international online shoppers can have the peace of mind that their parcels will be delivered to them safely. Most parcel forwarding companies allow customers to choose their own courier service from their list of providers or book their own international courier service online. Parcel forwarding companies also tend to offer different types of delivery insurance, which many UK ecommerce websites do not offer. This means customers have the option to pay for additional insurance if they are ordering high value items.



If you want to make savings on your ecommerce transactions and shop UK websites without restrictions, it is highly recommended that you use a parcel forwarding service. Not only can you benefit from low cost delivery, but you will also find that you are able to benefit from some of the postage discounts, which are usually only available to customers based in the United Kingdom. For more information about our international courier services, feel free to get in touch with a member of our team.