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Parcel Delivery to Italy

1st March 2018

Parcels to go to Italy


Where do we start? The grandeur of Rome, the amazing architecture of the Tuscan towns of Pisa, Lucca and for any art lover Florence.

The Italians have a passion for the finer things in life, great food, gorgeous fashion wonderful wines, pizzas from Naples. Not to mention cars!

No wonder so many British people choose to buy a second home there. We send a lot of parcels to Italy for holiday homes or including garments to Rome and Milan, ancient books to Florence. 





Best Prices for sending a 10kg parcel from UK to Italy*


£19.43 exc VAT
£23.32 inc VAT
Award Winning Service for sending parcels to Europe under 25kg
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EU 30Kg Standard

£23.32 exc VAT
£27.98 inc VAT
Standard service parcel delivery service to Europe by road.
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Economy Select

£24.65 exc VAT
£29.58 inc VAT
Fast becoming a firm favourite with our discerning customers: Efficient delivery, great prices and great service.
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EU Oversized

£38.31 exc VAT
£45.97 inc VAT
Cost Effective Parcel delivery service to Europe for larger parcels
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Express Worldwide

£66.58 exc VAT
£79.90 inc VAT
The UK's favourite exporter for really fast efficient delivery with an award winning excellent service record.
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Express Saver

£101.39 exc VAT
£121.67 inc VAT
The world's biggest carrier, worldwide deliveries at a great price and good delivery times.
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£118.94 exc VAT
£142.73 inc VAT
The one to choose if you need your parcel guaranteed delivered super fast
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*The final price may vary depending on your choices during the checkout process.