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Sending Parcels to America

By 28th July 2015


I like to be in America!

This huge country has something for everyone, from the wild and beautiful countryside to urbane happening cities with everything you could imagine, and now there is an even greater reason to think about selling your products to the Americans. 

Believe it or not we can get a package or parcel shipped to East Coast Cities such as New York, Boston, and Washington on desks or delivered to your customer's door the next day with our express saver courier service. 

Other cities such as Seattle, San Francisco and Los Angeles your parcel is usually delivered within two working days

Great News!

The USA has increased their minimum level for customs from $200 to $800 which will make British products, always a hit across the pond, even more covetable. So why not start a marketing campaign to the States right now?

So with prices starting from £25 shipping with next day delivery with UPS what's not to like?

Remember when sending a document to the USA you won't need to fill in a commercial invoice, but if sending parcels to America you will need to fill in a commercial invoice and declare the value of each item.

Don't forget to check you aren't sending any liquids or prohibited items.

Contact us on for more info.

Best Prices for sending a 10kg parcel from UK to United States*

Express Worldwide

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Express Saver

The world's biggest carrier, worldwide deliveries at a great price and good delivery times.
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A Slower Service to Rest of the World for when time is less of an issue.
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