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Pharos Parcel Delivery Spain

By 2nd June 2016

Sending parcels to Spain and the Balearics has never been easier.

One day I got a phone call from a lovely couple based in Ibiza. They ran a shop in Ibiza for British people living in Ibiza, they asked me if was really true that we could get a parcel up to 30Kg to Ibiza to them in a week at such a great price. 

Well good news spreads fast! Suddenly we started to get lots of orders and phone calls about our parcel service to Ibiza and our Facebook page started getting a lot of likes from lovely ladies and gents living on this beautiful Island.

Fast forward a few years and we have lots of great customers who appreciate the service we provide to them sending out goods and presents to the Balearics.

We even send school uniforms out to schools out there every year. 

Last week we had a customer on the phone telling us he had heard about us by someone who recommended us whilst they were standing in the queue at the check in desk at the airport.

A lot of Erasmus students love to use us when they are returning home after their studies although there are times we wish they wouldn't leave getting their parcel collected until the day they are due to fly home! 

We are seriously thinking about taking up Spanish lessons to try and help some of our Spanish customers who phone us. 

We made up some instructions on how to use our site in Spanish to help.

Envie su paquete a Espana


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£19.14 exc VAT
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EU 30Kg Standard

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