Saudi Arabia is the centre of Islam’s most holy city Mecca, which hosts thousands of pilgrims every year. It also had the world’s second largest reserves of oil, making it one of the wealthiest nations in global trade.

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Import restrictions to Saudi Arabia are pretty strict compared to most countries so make sure you are not sending any of the following:

  • Alcoholic drinks or distilling equipment
  • Narcotics including poppy seeds
  • Pork or products containing pork
  • Christian religious artefacts such as crucifixes, crosses or anything with the star of David on
  • Anything advertising tobacco products.

Saudi Arabia (SA) customs authority are enforcing new clearance requirements at all ports of entries.

The following information will be needed to avoid delays in customs, possible confiscation or parcel being returned to sender at a huge cost.
To a Commercial consignee : Complete name of the importing company as stated on its Commercial Record (CR},CR number (use reference field of AWB starting with CR then the #)and valid company phone number
To an Individual consignee : Complete name (as stated on SA government issued ID), national ID number or Resident ID (Iqama) number for expats (use reference field on AWB starting with NID or RID then the #) and valid phone number (mobile or landline)
Should SA customs authority request copies of the above clearance documents, the consignee must be prepared to provide UPS in SA with such copies


Public Holidays in Saudi Arabia 2019

Date Holiday Notes
5-8 June Eid al-Fitr National holiday
11 Aug Arafat Day  
12-14 Aug Eid al-Adha National holiday
1 Sept Muharram observance
23 Sept Saudi National Day