With over 170,000 British people living in France now, there is a huge demand for people living in France to shop in the UK and have their goods sent over or send parcels with their belongings over to their home in France. It's a lot cheaper than carrying excess baggage on the plane.

We have negotiated some great prices for shipping boxes to France to save queues and frustration at the airport. 

We have a customer whose mum buys nappies for her in Britain and ships them across every month, apparently, they are a lot cheaper over here and saves her a lot of Euros. Moreover essentials such as washing powder, decent loo roll, toothpaste and cleaning products are a lot cheaper in the UK. It makes sense on the next trip home to stock up and ship them securely across the channel to keep you going when only Hobnobs will do to dunk in your tea.

The French are even starting to appreciate our fashion with a lot of designers shipping their funky British designs to the hipsters and cool kids across the Channel.

So whether you need to get garments to Paris, sun cream to Nice, or skis to the French Alps we make it simple, cost-effective and easy.

Public Holidays 2019

Date Holiday
1 Jan New Years' Day
19 Apr Good Friday
22 Apr Easter Monday
1 May Labour Day
8 May Victory Day
30 May Ascension Day
9 June Whit Sunday
10 June Whit Monday
14 July Bastille Day
15 Aug Assumption Day
1 Nov All Saints' Day
11 Nov Armistace Day
25 Dec Christmas Day
26 Dec St Stephen's Day