It’s that time of year when A-level students are contemplating their move to Uni, getting ready to take that next  step in their education, and frequently a change in living arrangements too.

The vast majority of Uni students opt to live away from home, frequently moving to a new part of the country to enjoy new experiences and meet different people.

There’s no denying that this is an excellent way to make the most of the university experience, but it does mean lots more organisation is needed in advance.

If you aren’t just popping round the corner, you won’t be able to easily pick up any items you have forgotten so it’s essential to be prepared. Parcel companies can be a big help in getting the move completed; here’s a few ways in which they might help.

Sending smaller items

You might be able to hire a van to move some of the larger items if the move you are making is substantial.

Furniture, beds and other bulky items are best moved either by a willing family member or friend with their own vehicle, or by hiring a van, with or without a driver.

But if you only have small items to take, you won’t need to hire a man with a van to transport them for you. If you are driving to your new place of residence, you can easily take the items yourself, loading up your vehicle with books and other possessions that you need to have for your stay at Uni.

However, if you are travelling by train, and don’t have the luxury of a family member or friend driving up to meet you, the idea of having to lump around a hefty package may be less than attractive.

Using a parcel company to send these items means that when you arrive, your possessions won’t be far behind, and will be safe, secure and undamaged. And even more importantly, you won’t do damage to your back having to lug a heavy parcel around yourself!

Forgotten something?

Pharos Parcel offer a 1st class parcel service

No matter how well you plan and organise your move, you will inevitably leave something behind – and the chances are it may be an item you would really rather not have to do without!

If it’s something relatively common, like a kettle, you can easily buy a replacement cheaply and conveniently in your new area but there’s many items which would either be extremely expensive to replace, or cannot be purchased.

Going back to collect the item in question could well be out of the question if you are attending university a long way away, but you could ask your folks back home to do you a little favour.

Packaging up the items that you left behind, a parcel company can provide the perfect solution. Quick, convenient, secure and cheap, parcel companies can ensure that your forgotten items reach you in no time at all….providing you can persuade a loved one to help you out!

Moving out

Of course, there will come a time when it’s time to leave Uni and move back home, or onto a new adventure.
Although you might have learnt a lot about how to organise a move from past experiences, don’t assume you won’t make the same mistakes again!

When moving out a parcel company can make it all a lot less stressful.

If you find yourself on the train to the next destination and suddenly remember that you didn’t return your library books, you don’t need to retrace your steps. Simply use a parcel company to send the items back to the library, or other misplaced belongings back to their owner, and you can carry on your travels with a clear conscience.


Parcel companies offer a way to transport goods in a way which is secure, convenient and economical. If you are moving to Uni, you could find a parcel company can help you transport your belongings hassle-free.