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Measuring and Weighing Your Parcel

By 30th November 2012

When measuring and weighing your parcel it is extremely important that you are accurate and honest.  The length, girth, height and weight of your parcel are all used to determine the best possible service and best possible price for you.  And here at Pharos Parcel we're passionate about ensuring you receive both of these!

Let's start with packing it properly for accurate measuring and weighing.

I'm going to let you in on a secret; cramming an old crisp box with way too many items will not reduce the cost of your parcel delivery.  It will simply ensure you receive an additional charge from our carriers and possibly give you the headache of losing the contents in transit!

  • You want to start with a sturdy box without any previous signs or wear and tear. By all means use a recycled box, just ensure it is all in one piece and it hasn't been so bashed that it won't collapse if it has a couple of parcels on top of it. Your box has to protect the contents and be strong enough for the weight you are sending in it.
  • Using parcel tape, bind up the edges so they are nice and secure. Use lots and lots of parcel tape.
  • Place your contents in the box so that they are snug without causing any bulges, tears or strain on the outer edges or box panels. 
  • If there is too much room, make sure you secure your contents with bubble wrap, padding or similar (see our page on How to pack a parcel)

Once you have done this, place the parcel on the ground or another flat surface and you should see that there are no bulges, tears, holes or gaps in the side panels or box edges.

From here, you are ready to measure and weigh. Here are some important points to remember.

  • With your parcel sitting on a flat surface, the height is the longest measurement from the floor to the top of your parcel.  Shown in arrow one.
  • The length is the front panel of your parcel, running from left to right. shown in arrow two.
  • The width is the side panel of your parcel going from front to back. Shown in arrow three.
  • NOTE: If you have a tall parcel the longest side is the length and you enter that measurement first. Often one or more side may be the same length and this is perfectly normal. Please simply ensure you have measured the three different arrow dimensions.


As above, please don't be tempted to tell us a set of iron cast pans weighs 3kg! The weight of a parcel will determine how it is carried and this is important both for your goods and for the backs of the delivery drivers across the globe who do such a great job for all of us!

Ready To Weigh:

  1. If you have used a recycled box, please ensure that any weights, signs or previous labels on the exterior are covered up or scored out. These are NOT relevant for your parcel and may lead to additional charges if confusion is caused.
  2. For small parcels, simply pop on your bathroom scales and weigh.
  3. For larger parcels, weigh yourself - then weigh yourself carrying the parcel. Deduct your lower weight from the combined weight and you'll have the weight of the parcel! EASY!
  4. For parcels you can't lift yourself then it's probably too heavy to send. We can send up to 30Kg but we advise if you can't lift it, then you can't expect a delivery driver to lift it either. For a rule of thumb a heavy summer holiday suitcase weighs about 25Kg.

Our website will use this information to produce your parcel's volumetric weight. This will give you the best possible choice of services and prices from our courier partners

If you would like to use a specific carrier, please note the following:



Maximum length 270cm or 325cm combined measurement.
This is 1 x length + 1 girth ( the measurement round the box of width + height + width + height)
Maximum weight 30Kg


Maximum length 100cm
Maximum weight 30Kg

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Please don't be tempted to sneak off a few centimetres to gain access to your preferred carrier or a lower price.
All parcels are accurately weighed and measured and you will be asked to confirm you have read and agreed with our terms and conditions which state that you agree we will charge you for any surcharges on any additional, undeclared parcel volume.  
We get charged a huge amount even if the parcel is just 1cm over maximum size allowed.
We will soon be out of business if we end up paying in some cases four times the price you have just paid us to send a parcel. 
OR they may simply refuse to pick-up and deliver but will legally be in a position to hold your payment.  Unfortunately, we are not in a position to remedy either of these situations if the fault lies in misrepresentation of size or weight.