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Delivery Worldwide

By 10th August 2017

International Parcel Delivery

Go global with Pharos Parcel’s international courier service

Three top tips for sending a parcel overseas:

  • If you need your parcel there in a hurry book to send it with our express delivery service
  • Check the items you are sending are permitted for import to that country
  • Track your parcel ruthlessly with on our tracking page so you know it is delivered safely and on time

Modern sales channels have made it possible to sell just about any product to almost any country in recent years. Finding cost effective and reliable means of delivering goods to international buyers, however, was not always so easy.

It is now. Pharos Parcel’s international courier delivery will get your parcels delivered between one and five business days in Europe - and between one and seven to the rest of the world, depending on the service you select.*

Using the world's biggest and best international parcel delivery companies we offer cost effective courier prices but a with first class service.

So if you have a parcel to go to Australia for instance, we find DHL are really good.

If you need a next day delivery for a parcel to the USA we can get it to most of the major cities in 24 hours using UPS.

Obviously sending parcels to the Far East and Asia takes slightly longer due to the time difference but we can still delivery in 2 - 3 working days using our express courier services.

With all of our carriers we provide a full transparent parcel tracking service, so you are in control and know where your parcel is at any point on it's journey.

Delivering on our international promises – so you can deliver on yours

Prices start at just £15.00 for parcel delivery to Europe, making Pharos one of the most competitive international couriers you’ll find. And because we only entrust your parcels to the world’s foremost global carriers, it’s not just an international delivery service you’re buying – but complete peace of mind too.

Get an international delivery quote in seconds

Let us give you a quote  for an international delivery. It’s quick, easy and, if you like what we have to offer, you can have the booking complete within a few minutes. And, when you book an international delivery your parcel will, in many cases, be on its way before the close of play the same day.

Get ready for excellent service delivery

So, if you want to spend more time selling your products overseas and less time worrying about how – or whether – they will arrive, let Pharos Parcel take care of your international parcel deliveries.

Your parcel will be collected and delivered the by world’s major global couriers companies, a delivery service that handles millions of packages every day. You will receive a tracking number which, when entered into our track it function, tracks your parcel’s journey to its destination.

Our page should tell you everything you need to know about preparing your parcels for international delivery, however you can call us on 08456 478 479  or our local number of 0044 1738 633220 if you have any questions.

When sending outside the EU, which incidently includes posting parcels to Switzerland and Norway, you will need to fill in a commercial invoice. We have worked long and hard to make sure the one we provide you is simple to fill in and provides customs with all the information they need to clear your parcel through the customs for the country you are sending to quickly and easily.

Once you have filled it in you need to attach four copies to the outside of your parcel. We suggest putting them in an C5 envelope with COMMERCIAL INVOICE written in large letters on the outside and attach it very securely as four people are going to remove one of the copies off it. It helps to keep a copy as we occasionally get alerts telling us there is no commercial invoice attached and we know they have become unattached during the shipping process.

We have written a comprehensive guide to filling in your customs form here.

We do ask you when sending a parcel overseas to check the contents are not on our prohbited or restricted list. The big one is liquids and batteries.

A lot of people don't realise that a lovely gift of hand cream is classed as a liquid.

All parcels travelling by air  pass through security scanners similar to the ones your case goes through at the airports and if a parcel is found to contain a prohibited or dangerous item all hell breaks loose. The carrier can actually lose their licence to operate in that country if they are found to be shipping dangerous items without a declaration and we as your parcel company can have our account closed.

There was an instance where an airport had to be closed for two days a few years ago because a ebay seller decided to ship a rocket launcher and hadn't realised it was still live!Thankfully it was not one of our customers! 

Here at Pharos Parcel we have a policy of trying to get back to you on a query as quickly as possible, and we do encourage you to phone us on 08456 478 479 or email us on if you are not sure.

There are companies who do handle dangerous goods who we can put you in touch with.

We would rather you sent your parcel happy that you have checked all the contents are safe to ship overseas.

Shipping a parcel to Europe

Europe has the largest economy in the world,  their countries are renowned for culture a high standard of living and education. Sending a parcel to Europe is as easy as ABC with all of our carriers offering express next day delivery or on our cheaper by road standard service it can be delivered to Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands in 2 working days.

Sending a parcel to Asia

Did you know half the world's population lives in Asia the world's largest continent and they love British goods! With strong trading links going back for centuries nowdays shipping to Asia is so easy with some of the lowest prices using the world's top courier companies with the comfort of great customer service a phone call away at Pharos Parcel.

Posting a parcel to Africa

Africa has more countries in it than any other of the world's continents and with history of colonies has always had strong links to Europe for trade. Shipping to Africa is easier than it's ever been with lanes based on the old colonial routes.

North America

North America has one of the world's most dynamic economies and particulary in the USA a huge appetite for all things British. We send from our parcel shop up here in Scotland, a huge amount of Scottish goods to all corners of the USA. Did you know Canada is a great literary nation and just loves books, must be all those cold winters. There is nothing nicer than curling up in front of a roaring fire with a good book. We very proud that we can get paintings to New York and books to Toronto in less than 24 hours with our carriers who quite honestly amazingly efficient at delivering parcels from the UK to North America. You can send a small package from as little as £25 and that's an express service.

Shipping to Australia and New Zealand

There's a lot of space in Oz! And a a lot of ocean in Oceania There are also a lot of people of ex British descent who still have a huge attachment to the UK. We love at Christmas the trouble people go to to send a little bit of Britain out to their loved ones enjoying a barbecue on the beach when we're all fighting wind and snow. Whist there are a lot of islands in the Pacific rim shipping your parcel to them using Pharos Parcel is as easy as sending a parcel within Europe.

Australia does have some very strict laws concerning imports of plants, leather goods and please don't use recycled cardboard boxes for shipping to Australia as they are very strict about anything that might have contained harmful organisms from meat for vegetables.

For guideance check out this website:

*International delivery times are for guidance only and are not guaranteed, unless otherwise stated.