It can be frustrating when you have spent time ordering a parcel to be collected from you, only to find out when it arrived at the recipient it was damaged. It is equally as frustrating when parcels go missing in the post and never end up at their destination. To make sure that you do not lose out, we highly recommended taking out transit cover. Today we will talk you through transit cover available, helping you to decide on which you need when ordering a parcel online.

All couriers offer various different levels transit cover. For example we offer a standard cover of £60.00 with most of our services, but you can also pay a small surcharge to benefit from more comprehensive cover. The type of cover you need to take our really depends on the value or your item. You need to think about how much your item would cost to replace if it went missing or got damaged in transit.

In order to fulfil your compensation claim you will need to make sure you have evidence of the value of your item.

If you are sending a parcel out with us or know that the seller you are buying from is using us as their courier, it is important to evaluate whether our standard cover provides enough cover for your item. For example, if your item is valued at £100.00 and for some reason goes missing, but you didn’t take our any shipping cover, you will only be able to claim £60.00 back. It is much better to pay a couple of extra pounds and have the peace of mind that you will not be out of pocket, should anything happen to your parcel.

Weight and dimensions of items

When choosing cover for your parcel, you may also need to take the weight and dimensions of your parcel into consideration. Our standard service compensation is only valid on parcels that weight up to 30kg. If you use our Express or Express Saver parcel services, then we can cover parcels up to 70kg. It is important to keep in mind that if your parcel weighs over 32kg you will need to contact us first. If you fail to do so and your parcel goes missing or is damaged you will not be able to make a claim. Please keep in mind that our maximum package dimension is 325cm cubic size. If your parcel is any larger you will incur excessive surcharges.

Prohibited and restricted items

There are some items that will not be covered even if you have elected to take out transit cover. These include prohibited items like aerosol cans, animal skins, ivory and hazardous items. We have included a full list of our prohibited items on our website. Under no circumstances must you send any of these items out using our Courier services.

As well as prohibited items, there is also a list of restricted items which if you decide to ship you are sending entirely at your own risk. If you want to send something out on our restricted list, you will need to get written permission from us first. There is no postage cover for restricted items for damage or loss even if you have taken out transit cover.


In order for cover to be valid you need to make sure that your items are packaged up safely

If you are sending out a parcel it is up to you to make sure that it is packaged up safely. Poor packing can lead to items becoming damaged during transit. If you have not packaged items up correctly or the person that you ordered a parcel from didn’t package up the items correctly, then you will struggle to make a claim for compensation. We will not accept items that are unboxed. Packaging should include internal protection, especially if the items are fragile.


If you are thinking of sending out a parcel with us this Christmas or are ordering from someone using our services, make sure that you select the right cover option for your items. Our standard cover is available on all of our shopping services apart from our Standard UK and Northern Ireland economy delivery service.