Some of you may know that as well as delivering your parcels all over the world, we have a retail base on George Street in Perth.  George Street is one of those wonderful havens of the independent retailer, with a two sides bursting full of amazing wee shops and super talented people! We’ve got Linda, the jewellery design genius, the extremely talented Peacock and Tortoise Team, homewares from The Fussy Cow, the most amazing artisan coffee from The Bean Shop and a fabulous award-winning deli that is at least partially responsible for our growing waistlines, Provender Brown.

Diane and the team in Provender Brown are passionate about the produce they sell and each Christmas they painstakingly sit deciding which of their artisan suppliers and producers will be featured in their Christmas Hamper range. I know this, because as soon as the web page is up, I sit drooling over the contents on offer!

As neighbours, and fellow Perth Indies, we all like to support one another so it has been my pleasure to deliver a fair few of Provender Brown’s hampers and other foodie gifts over the years we’ve been here.   As a result of this, we have come to know the food / hamper deliver market really rather well!

And although Diane is right here on our doorstep, we can pick up from any UK Deli and deliver to any address in the world.  We know this is one of your busiest times of the year, and having a nominated partner for your deliveries will make things much, much easier.

Here’s what we’ve learned about delivering Food and Drink Parcels and Christmas Hampers, worldwide:

Packing A Hamper for Postage

First things first, let’s get this hamper or foodie parcel packed properly and ready for delivery to your friends and family!   The presentation is important, we know, but in a delivery situation you need it be secure.

  • Wrap bottles and jars in a layer of bubble wrap
  • Use your wood wool and shred to hold and secure your items
  • Give it a small shake and make sure nothing is loose before you start to wrap
  • If some foodstuffs require to be chilled, then please do use a white polystyrene box (and additional disposable, freezer packs or ice sheets) and apply the same packaging rules
  • Pop the hamper or box into a snug cardboard box – if you don’t have one that fits snuggly then stuff the sides with bubble wrap or newspaper.
  • Lots of tape on the outside to keep it tightly bound
  • You’re good to go!

Overnight Delivery For Food

Chilled foods need to go overnight, other items can go standard delivery. Now, we’re going to be honest with you here. Due to our delivery partner being UPS, most of our standard deliveries will get there the next day.  And when I say most, I mean the vast majority of them. However, we can’t guarantee this and so would ask you to be mindful of contents, food risk and quality when you make your delivery decision! Check out our parcel delivery services here>>

We are circa £10 standard (goes by road) and circa £25 express (goes by rail and possibly plane).

UK Standard Delivery:

  • £9.28 + VAT up to 10 Kg
  • £10.35 + VAT up to 20 Kg

What Food & Drink Can I Send By Post or Courier?

You can send anything you like within the UK as long as you are aware the food risk for the person eating it are your responsibility unless we have failed to deliver on a promise. EG Sending raw prawns as standard, is not advised!

Outwith the UK, your parcels are subject to the same scrutiny as your hand luggage when you board a plane.  Therefore:

  • No Liquids
  • No jams, pastes or chutneys
  • No crackers!

So if your customers are hoping to send a taste of Scotland to their Canadian family, recommend they send some shortbread instead of whisky!

When Should I Send It By?

  • Europe and Rest of World 17th December
  • UK 22nd December

PLEASE NOTE: We really do recommend you aim to go Friday 18th for UK to guarantee delivery. We know form experience that many people will leave parcels until Monday 21st / Tuesday 22nd and this will cause congestion. Better safe than sorry.

If you are a deli or Farm Shop, and want to offer an excellent service to your customers over the Festive period, then please do get in touch and we can chat about the ways in which Pharos Parcel could help you.