Though millions of parcels are delivered worldwide every day without any hiccups, occasionally mistakes do happen, and often this is down to both the sender and the delivery company.

So in order to ensure that every parcel you send reaches its destination safely and soundly, here are a few pieces of general advice to follow.

Always label your parcel correctly

This is one of the most basic but most crucial things to check when sending a parcel as mislabelled parcels can easily get lost or misdirected in transit.

If your delivery service issues you with an electronic label, always use it as it will normally include all of the information that they need to get your parcel to the correct recipient on time.

If they don’t provide you with an electronic label, write all of the relevant information clearly for everyone to see.

Check the instructions from your delivery service thoroughly

Some delivery companies may have their own set of guideline to ensure correct and timely delivery, so always check these and make sure that you stick to them.

If you’re unsure about any of the guidelines, contact your delivery service for clarification.

Choose a delivery service that works around you

Occasionally, sending a parcel can be a real hassle, however, if you choose a company with a good customer service record and flexible delivery options you should be fine.

Try to weigh and measure your parcel before sending

Knowing the measurements and the weight of your parcel before you send it will help you to calculate how much delivery will cost and which type of delivery will best suit your needs.

Check the customs regulations of the receiving country

If you’re sending a parcel within the EU, you don’t need to worry about customs too much (although there are some exceptions, so always check before you send).

However, if you’re sending a parcel to the USA, Australia, Asia or anywhere else, some incoming products may be banned or liable for extra taxes or surcharges.

Always declare the full contents of your parcel

If you fail to declare the contents of a parcel or declare it incorrectly, it could lead to you incurring fines and your parcel being significantly delayed on route.

Most delivery companies will be able to give you help when it comes to declaring goods, but it’s your responsibility to ensure everything that you declare is correct.

Package your parcel securely

Packaging your parcel correctly and securely is the best way to ensure that is stays safe in transit.

Always use purpose designed packages products and make sure that any fragile contents are well supported and well insulated from potential damage.

If you don’t have any packaging products, your delivery company may be able to supply them, and may even be able to help you with packaging your parcel.

Make any extra instructions clear

If your parcel needs to be stood in one direction (i.e. ‘This Way Up’) or if the contents are very fragile, you need to make this very clear on the outside of your packaging.

Ideally, you should write this information in several places in order to ensure it’s seen by all relevant parties.

Labelling, packages and declaring your parcel correctly will all help to ensure that it gets to its destination on time and in one piece.

And though your delivery company will do the best it can to make sure everything goes smoothly, a lot of the preparation is your responsibility. So make sure that you do it right and your parcel delivery should go without a hitch.