Parcel collection and Delivery delays due to the Beast From The East.

Update on collection and delivery issues due to the extreme weather in Britain.

Update from dpd on Delivery issues

Essentially all the carriers are struggling to get out to certain areas to collect and deliver.

There are also delivery delays due to the weather in some parts of France, Spain and Italy.

Whilst we are all in a hurry to post our parcels and take delivery it is not worth it to put a driver's life at risk where he could get caught in the snow or even worse have an accident. 

Every driver is someone's husband/wife or Son/Daughter.

DPD have been great at keeping us updated with the latest areas which are closed or still open.

Please see their latest update below.

Four days of adverse weather now mean that by close of business today we expect to have held
50% of our current off peak capacity within our network.

Clearing the national backlog will now certainly take us into next week.
Currently our Midlands based sortation hubs are accessible and are able to process parcels
however weather forecasts indicate that staff may be unable to attend work tonight and
this will further compound the disruptions we are facing.
DPD Ireland has closed all operations due to the Red weather alert in place in Ireland. We have
now had confirmation that they will not resume until Monday 5 March.
Red weather alerts have also been issued for the South West of England and South Wales
meaning our operations in these areas are currently closed down.
We are doing everything possible to operate collection and delivery services where
possible, but the safety of our drivers and the rest of our workforce is of paramount
Today weather forecasters are saying that the situation will worsen in the next 24
hours, we will monitor this situation carefully and send a further bulletin later today.