Spring has finally sprung up here in the frozen north, Perth is looking particularly lovely and everybody in the shop has a smile on their face. We have tiny lambs leaping about the fields, leaves on the trees, daffodils swaying in the wind and a particular delight of mine, my long suffering magnolia tree after five years of freezing winds has rewarded our faith and belief with the most beautiful display of flowers!

We received a delightful surprise in the post this week.

Having had a bit of an issue getting his lovely tea delivered to Ocado, (we had to eventually suggest the driver got out of his 40 minute queue waiting for a slot to deliver, park the van round the corner and carry the very light parcel in through the door instead!) Success!
As a thank you present, they sent us a selection of their wonderful teas to enjoy and help us cope with the day to day of day grind of ensuring your parcels are collected and delivered on time.
Ellie and Andrew are one of our amazing energetic, positive customers and now we know why; it's all that great tea they are drinking!
I really love their ethos, their name and design on their packs.
It got me thinking about how their concepts for life and tea also apply to starting and running a business. 

Nine years ago as a husband and wife, we had the imagination to start a different delivery company.
We were inspired to create something that hopefully people would keep coming back to use again and again, because we would strive to ensure you speak to a real person who actually cares whether your parcel is delivered.
When you start up, you have to make connections and keep making them.

With years in the distribution industry we had an idea of who we wanted to connect with.

We don't want to deal with big faceless corporates, we wanted to help real people who run their own small businesses and people who need to send documents and parcels at a good price using the best carriers we could find for them. 

My ambition was simple;  

If we do a good enough job for you, you will save Pharos Parcel in your tool bar or favourites folder and hopefully recommend us to friends and colleagues who in turn will try us out.

Oddly enough it works.

However without love you get nowhere. 
You have to have a love of what you do, and you have to love, respect and appreciate your customers.
Like all long standing relationships that love can be tested at times! 
But I do believe that without a love of what you do in life and the service you provide, your business will never thrive or grow.
Most of our new customers come from people telling others about us and the service we provide, it has been a slow steady growth that has enabled us to achieve growth and survive the tough as well as the good times. We will never be the biggest in the industry but that's okay, I do not believe big is necessarily better. As long as we are big enough to get the best rates we can for you, with carriers we trust to deliver for you that is all that matters.
So our newsletter is a simple one this month.
Thank you very much for the love you have returned to us tenfold.

With thanks to Andrew and Ellie at https://positivitea.co.uk/ for the inspiration and really great tea!