Shopping online can provide a whole host of benefits: the ability to purchase when you want as well as look around for the best price.

However, you might be deterred from buying online by the thought of having to arrange a parcel delivery.

Being stuck at home for hours at a time, waiting for a parcel to turn up is an experience many people can sympathise with, and are keen not to have to repeat. But there is a way to take advantage of the benefits of shopping on the internet, without the inconvenience of parcel delivery.

Getting parcels delivered to your workplace can be the obvious solution to your dilemma, saving valuable time waiting at home. We take a closer look at getting items delivered to your workplace and just why it’s a great idea.

The problems with deliveries

Everyone knows the internet can be the best place to source goods, whether they are essentials for the home or presents for loved ones.

Offering the greatest range of products plus the ability to find the cheapest price, it’s possible to save lots of money by buying online.

But the benefits of these savings can be wiped out if you have to hang around at home for hours at a time waiting for a parcel to turn up. If you have to take a day off work for an important delivery, you could end up feeling resentful at having to waste your leave to simply sit at home.

If you are out when the delivery arrives, you may get the option to go and collect your parcel or you can try to arrange another date and time. Either option involves more inconvenience and hassle to get your hands on your goods.

An easy solution

As a business, your employer will be used to receiving deliveries all of the time so having your item sent there won’t add any inconvenience or cause issues, as a general rule.

Most companies are more than happy for staff to have their deliveries sent to work; it creates goodwill and doesn’t cause any significant extra work for those in the mail rooms or in the Reception area.

Sometimes home delivery is not an option.

How to make it work for you

Although your employer may receive lots of parcels regularly, if you are having a home shopping delivery directed to where you work, it might be an idea to let them know in advance.

As well as checking whether it’s against the rules (which is usually isn’t), if you won’t be personally waiting when the delivery comes through the door, it’s good etiquette to let staff working in that area know that you are expecting an arrival.

By making either Reception staff or mail room workers aware that you could be receiving a parcel, it will make its way to you much more quickly once it turns up.

If you work in a large company, it might be a good idea to include the name of your department on the address when you make the purchase.

Working for a smaller company makes it even easier to arrange a parcel delivery to your employer. You will probably be able to see or hear when it arrives, and can be on hand to take receipt of it yourself.

Either way, a parcel can be delivered to your employer easily and without a problem; most couriers are very used to dropping off items at commercial premises.

Sometimes home delivery is not an option.
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In fact, having your home shopping parcel delivered to work might mean it is processed more easily. Some residential addresses can be difficult to find and delivery companies can take longer, or sometimes even struggle to find the right property. Commercial properties are far more likely to be known to courier firms and will be easier for them to locate.


Why hang around waiting for a parcel to be delivered to your home, or waste time trying to arrange a re-delivery when you could opt for it to be sent to where you will actually be? You know that you will be at your place of work, so arranging for your parcel to be delivered there makes far more sense and will ensure you get your items quickly, easily and with the minimum of hassle.