With more and more smaller and medium sized businesses getting involved in e-commerce the need for reliable and trustworthy parcel delivery services has increased. For the business person, finding the right company to work with can prove rather challenging. This is especially true if you are looking for a company that would be able to deal with the Fulfilment side of things too. However, you need to first find a parcel delivery service that proves to be cost effective and the best place to begin your search is online by going to a few comparison sites and then getting some first-hand recommendations from business acquaintances. 

Basics to Think About When Considering Postal Needs

There are basics things you need to consider when sending out parcels to customers which include the following:

  • What type of packaging is needed?
  • How much insurance cover is required?
  • How are lost items dealt with?
  • How much should I charge?

Although all four of these factors may appear to be a little simplistic, in fact quite the opposite is true because each and every one of them poses a few challenges if you want to set things up correctly so that your postal needs prove to be cost effective.

What You Need to Focus on When Choosing a Courier Service

You need to have peace of mind that mail fulfilment will be handled professionally

Your main focus when choosing the right courier service to work with is to make absolutely sure you are clear about what you expect from them. You need to ask yourself the following questions:

  • What type of goods do you typically send out to customers? Are they small or large items?
  • Are the items of high value in insurance terms?

If the goods you send out are valuable items then you need to be sure the company you sub-contract out to is reliable and carries the right level of insurance. Another factor is the time constraints which may be an important factor if your clients expect goods to be delivered to them quickly. This means the company you work with has to offer a same and next-day delivery option that’s both reliable and affordable.

What Variables need to be Taken into Account?

Whether you use the Royal Mail or subcontract to another parcel delivery service there are two main variables that come into play which are as follows:


You need to be aware of cut-off times and when high volumes of mail being sent out could affect your own deliveries and collections times


The size, weight and shape of the parcels you send out will have an impact on the cost of your postal requirements with the major expense being the “fast track” option that many parcel delivery companies’ offer. You need to bear in mind that typically, end of day deliveries and collections tend to be cheaper than a specified time for the same.

Royal Mail Vs Parcel Delivery Services

Privately run parcel delivery companies tend to be a cheaper than the Royal Mail when it comes to sending out parcels over certain weight and size and this is especially true if you send out bulk mail. The pick-up and drop-off services parcel delivery companies offer are convenient and a real time saving option that works out to be very cost-effective and which is something the Royal Mail does not currently offer its customers.


Subcontracting parcel delivery out to a courier service means sitting down and doing a little research first. The main thing is to know exactly what you expect of the company and to make sure they understand your postal needs. If you take stock of the most important factors involved in getting parcels out to your customers in a timely manner and then sign up to a company that boasts a reputation for being trustworthy and reliable, and that if there is a problem you can lift the phone and talk to them, then you know that your goods are being handled by true professionals.