It’s crucial to get it right when choosing a parcel delivery firm because your business relies very much on the way they run theirs. However, with so many companies to choose from it can seem like an impossible task and the only way you think you can find a parcel delivery firm that’s reliable is through trial and error. This could not be further from the truth because there are 7 essential qualities to look for when selecting a parcel delivery firm which should guarantee you get it right first time.

1 Customer Testimonials Tell a Reliable Story

By checking out relevant customer reviews. you get a clear picture of the sort of service the parcel delivery firm offers to clients as a matter of course. Testimonials prove the competency of the company which in turn shows them to be true professionals in their line of work. You can check out the testimonials on the firm’s website but it’s also a good idea to read a few independent reviews on forums or review sites.

2 Reliability is Essential

You are essentially putting your business in the parcel delivery firm’s hands so you have to be sure they are as professional in their approach as you are in your line of work. Reliability is a crucial quality to look for in any courier firm you might be thinking of working with. If the service is reliable, they get shipments to their destinations in a seamless fashion and in pristine condition, so when you check out a firm, it’s important to make a point of reading reviews on their reliability.

3 Customer Support Has to be Top Notch

When it comes to customer support, this is pretty easy to check out with a simple phone call or email enquiry. If the company doesn’t get back to you quickly, then leave them well alone and contact the next parcel delivery firm on your list to see if they offer a better quality of customer support. The company should also offer an easy to navigate site with tools like a “Quote Me” calculation service.

4 Tracking is Essential

You need to know where a parcel is at any given moment in time which is where tracking comes into its own. Should there be a delay in delivering an item, you have to be on top of the situation before the customer is. If you let a client know in advance there’s going to be a delay, they will be much happier about the situation than if they sit there waiting and nothing actually arrives which results in them contacting you directly!

5 Delivering Parcels Safely

Getting your parcels to you safely is one of our top priorities

A reputable and reliable parcel delivery firm will be proud of the service they offer their customers and as such any items they deliver will be done on time and in pristine condition. If you should read any reports about items arriving damaged, and it’s happening a little too often then steer clear of the company because they are not true professionals. However, if the company has lots of good reviews and offers a range of reliable services, they could be the right firm to use.

6 Professional and Courteous Drivers

It’s really important for drivers to be both professional and courteous in their approach to their work. They should also be very smartly dressed at all times and easily recognisable as members of the parcel delivery firm’s staff.

7 Insurance Cover for Valuable Items

You need to know the items you ship out to people whether it’s a personal parcel or goods being sent to a client, that they are adequately covered by the parcel delivery firm’s insurance. You should also have an option to use a service which allows you to send parcels without insurance cover should you wish to do so. Using the “Quote Me” calculation service helps you to work out the total cost of sending your parcel with and without insurance.


Choosing a reliable parcel delivery firm is essential because your business may rely on items arriving in a timely fashion to clients and customers all over the country and abroad. You need to know that your parcels are being expertly handled in a professional manner and that you are able to tell where each item is at any given moment in time through a tracking system. As long as a parcel delivery service ticks all seven boxes mentioned above, you have the peace of mind that you’re dealing with true professionals.