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How To Weigh And Measure Your Parcel

It is essential that you have given us accurate information at this stage. Additional costs may be incurred at collection or delivery point should the parcel weigh or measure more.

Pharos Parcel is an independent international parcel delivery broker working with a number of world-class couriers and leading parcel delivery companies we use our significant buying power to bring you fantastic prices and our family-run business ethos to ensure you receive outstanding service at all times.

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Why Choose Pharos Parcel?

We Listen

Imagine being able to speak to a real person about your parcel delivery.

Now imagine if you can get to know that person by name and speak to them each and every time you call.

Our small specialist team are here to listen, help and delivery your parcel along with great customer care.

Telephone, Live Chat and email option.

We Care

Whether you are an individual sending a gift or a small business looking for a reliable parcel delivery service, we care about what happens to your goods.

We know how important your parcel is to you and we are committed to ensuring it arrives on time and in great shape!

Your parcel is, quite simply, our promise.

It Works

Our buying power ensures we receive the best possible prices and we pass these discounts directly to you, our customer.

We combine this broker service with a promise of exceptional service to give you the best value parcel delivery options that are available when sending within the UK, out to Europe or across the world today.

Your Choice

We have chosen to work with the world's leading couriers and parcel delivery experts to bring you a choice of products, services and price options.

We will offer you various choices for your parcel to be delivered, giving you the opportunity to make your decision based on price, speed or the additional services that are important to you.

Best Value

We are guaranteed cheaper than Royal Mail and can undercut many of the leading couriers and parcel delivery broker services.

As well as low prices, we bring an exceptional level of service to ensure you receive the best possible value when it comes to your own parcels and those of your small business to the UK, Europe and wider global destinations.

Sending Parcels and drinking Tea

Why do we try so hard to make sure your parcels are delivered? And what keeps us going when things get hectic, well tea of course!

Transit Cover

Courier wearing UPS uniform carrying a parcel carefully with other parcels stacked on a trolley

Customs forms and how to fill them in

Image of three hanging balls on chains with glossy images of British flag on the left, Europe stars on blue background in the middle and map of the world on the right hand ball. Blue background

Brexit will impact on logistics and sending parcels within the EU and worldwide. Everyone sendsing abroad will need to know how to fill in a customs form correctly

Calculate Your Dimensions

Measuring Box with various dimensions

Many people remember to check how much their parcel weighs, but forget to measure the actual size and without this information, the parcel may be delayed or cost more than you thought.

We explain in more detail why the length and girth of your parcel is so important and how you can get the measurements more accurate.

Secure Shopping Online making sure you are safe when buying online

Support Agent

With Christmas coming up avoid the nightmare of being hacked or your details stolen and used by hackers. We all love to shop online but when was the last time you checked that the website you used is safe?

Students Sending Parcels Home

Forklift Truck

Every year thousands of students studying all over the UK return home and use Pharos Parcel to help them ship their belongings home in the UK, to Europe and all over the world.